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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3409 7-575 Administration of the Land Recycling Program
Updates existing medium specific concentrations (MSCs), updates the models used to calculate the soil lead MSCs and the process for calculating MSCs for carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and clarifies several regulatory requirements.
3384 7-571 Water Quality Standards - Site-Specific Water Quality Criteria
Revises the process for requesting, developing and adopting site-specific water quality criteria, deletes the statewide total mercury water quality criterion for Ebaughs Creek, and adds a site-specific dissolved methylmercury water quality criterion for Ebaughs Creek.
3383 7-577 Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards
Updates and revises water quality criteria as required by the federal Clean Water Act.
3363 7-580 Control of VOC Emissions from Conventional Oil and Natural Gas Sources
Adopts reasonably available control technology (RACT) requirements and RACT emission limitations for conventional oil and natural gas sources of volatile organic compounds.
3359 7-579 Control of VOC Emissions from Conventional Oil and Natural Gas Sources
Adopts reasonably available control technology (RACT) requirements and RACT emission limitations for conventional oil and natural gas sources of volatile organic compounds.
3352 7-574 Radiological Health Fees
Increases the annual fees for radiation-producing machine and service provider (vendor) registrations, accelerator licenses, and radioactive material licenses, and increases the hourly rate professional fee associated with certain full cost recovery licenses.
3348 7-572 Administration of the Land Recycling Program Vanadium MSC Rule
Updates the toxicity value for vanadium and the Statewide health standard medium-specific concentrations pertaining to cleanup of soil and groundwater vanadium contamination.
3334 7-569 Safe Drinking Water PFAS MCL Rule
Sets maximum contaminant level goals and maximum contaminant levels for perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid.
3329 7-568 VOC RACT Requirements for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Surface Coatings, Large Petroleum Dry Cleaning Facilities and Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry Processes for the 2015 Ozone NAAQS
Establishes presumptive volatile organic compound reasonably available control technology (RACT) requirements and RACT emissions limitations for shipbuilding and ship repair surface coatings operations, large petroleum dry cleaning facilities, and synthetic organic chemical manufacturing industry air oxidation, distillation and reactor processes.
3328 7-564 Municipal Waste Rural Transfer Facility Permit-By-Rule
Creates a permit-by-rule framework for authorizing rural transfer facilities operations.
3327 7-563 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Schedules of Compliance
Amends National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit schedules of compliance to allow the Department of Environmental Protection to approve permits for municipal combined sewer overflow discharges with compliance schedules beyond the 5-year period currently established in existing regulations, but not longer than the implementation period in the discharger’s approved long-term control plan.
3325 7-566 Exclusion for Identification and Listing Hazardous Waste at MAX Environmental Technologies, Inc. Bulger and Yukon Facilities
Removes the wastewater treatment sludge filter cake at the MAX Bulger and Yukon facilities from the list of hazardous wastes as long as specific conditions demonstrating the filter cake does not exhibit any hazardous waste characteristics are met.
3318 7-565 Coal Refuse Disposal Revisions
Implements Act 74 of 2019 to resolve differences between Pennsylvania’s regulations and Federal regulations relating to temporary cessation of operations at coal refuse disposal sites and clarify items related to the design of these sites.
3311 7-555 Radiation Safety Requirements for Non-Healing Arts Radiation Generating Devices
Updates existing regulations related to non-medical X-ray equipment and addresses operations and emerging technologies in the industrial field to ensure that exposure to radiation from non-medical radiation-producing devices is as low as reasonably possible.
3310 7-561 Additional RACT Requirements for Major Sources of NOx and VOCs for the 2015 Ozone NAAQS
Adopts additional presumptive Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) requirements and RACT emission limitations for certain major stationary sources of oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compound emissions.
3309 7-557 Water Quality Standards; Dunbar Creek et al. Stream Redesignations
Updates the designated uses for seven streams or stream segments.
3291 7-554 Noncoal Mining Clarifications and Corrections
Updates and clarifies the requirements for mining noncoal minerals in Pennsylvania.
3278 7-556 Dam Safety and Waterway Management
Clarifies existing regulations; deletes or updates obsolete requirements and references; incorporates new or revised definitions; and corrects typographical errors.
3274 7-559 CO2 Budget Trading Program
Establishes a program to limit emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel-fired electric generating units with a nameplate capacity equal to or greater than 25 megawatts.
3266 7-525 Control of VOC Emissions from Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (Stage I and Stage II)
Amends regulations relating to control of volatile organic compound emissions at gasoline dispensing facilities during loading of underground gasoline storage tanks, filling of motor vehicles at the pump, and during and after decommissioning of Stage II vapor recovery equipment.
3260 7-553 Water Quality Standard for Manganese and Implementation
Amends the water quality standard for manganese and provides two alternatives for compliance with the standard.
3256 7-544 Control of VOC Emissions from Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Sources
Adds reasonably available control technology (RACT) requirements and RACT emission limitations for unconventional oil and natural gas sources of volatile organic compounds.
3253 7-543 Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule
Ensures the alignment of Pennsylvania's hazardous waste regulations with revisions to the federal hazardous waste regulations.
3251 7-552 Administration of the Land Recycling Program
Updates the statewide health standard medium-specific concentrations (MSC) pertaining to cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination for many contaminants and adds MSCs for three new contaminants.
3245 7-545 Water Supply Replacement for Coal Surface Mining
Addresses inconsistencies between Pennsylvania's surface coal mining program and federal requirements relating to water supply replacement so that Pennsylvania can retain primary regulatory authority.
3238 7-546 Revision of the Maximum Allowable Sulfur Content Limit for No. 2 and Lighter Commercial Fuel Oil
Reduces the maximum allowable sulfur content limit for No. 2 and lighter commercial fuel oil.
3231 7-536 Air Quality Fee Schedule Amendments
Amends existing and adds new requirements and fee schedules relating to plan approval and operating permit fees.
3227 7-533 Water Quality Management and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Application and Annual Fees
Adjusts the existing fee schedules for water quality permit applications and annual fees.
3226 7-548 Water Quality Standards; Class A Stream Redesignations
Updates and revises stream use designations.
3225 7-551 Additional Requirements for Control of Fine Particulate Matter in the Nonattainment New Source Review Program
Incorporates the federal requirement to include emissions of volatile organic compounds and ammonia as PM2.5 precursors.
3217 7-532 Federal Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Program Consistency
Amends existing regulations to address inconsistencies between the Commonwealth's coal mining program and federal regulations.
3215 7-549 Electronic Submission of Air Quality General Plan Approval and General Operating Permit Applications
Adds the option of electronic delivery of applications for air quality general plan approvals and general operating permits.
3208 7-550 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Consistency Rule
Amends four chapters of existing regulations to exclude certain provisions of Title 10, Chapter I of the Code of Federal Regulations from incorporation-by-reference in these chapters
3206 7-542 Unconventional Well Permit Application Fee Amendments
Increases unconventional well permit application fees.
3199 7-530 Administration of the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Program
Strengthens underground storage tank requirements by increasing the emphasis on properly operating and maintaining equipment.
3195 7-538 Administration of the Land Recycling Program
Corrects transcription and input errors for the toxicity values for Aldrin, beryllium and cadmium.
3190 7-523 Noncoal Mining Program Fees
Increases permit application and administrative fees.
3182 7-534 Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards
Updates and revises water quality criteria as required by the federal Clean Water Act.
3177 7-521 Safe Drinking Water; General Update and Fees
Updates existing regulations pertaining to treatment technique requirements for pathogens, permit fees, and monitoring and reporting requirements.
3173 7-492 Control of VOC Emissions from Industrial Cleaning Solvents; General Provisions; Aerospace Manufacturing and Rework; Additional RACT Requirements for Major Sources of NOx and VOCs
Limits emissions of volatile organic compounds from the use and application of industrial cleaning solvents at certain stationary sources.
3169 7-499 Radiological Health
Updates regulations to establish and maintain adequate radiation protection standards and oversight.
3162 7-529 Gasoline Volatility Requirements
Repeals certain gasoline volatility requirements.
3157 7-495 Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
Amends existing regulations pertaining to environmental laboratory accreditation to add accreditation standards, clarify requirements, remove unnecessary or cost-prohibitive requirements and amend the fee structure.
3153 7-498 Radiological Health and Radon Certification Fees; Pennsylvania Radon Mitigation System Tag and Fee
Increases fees associated with the radioactive materials licensing and radon certification activities regulated by the Department's Radiation Protection Program and adds a requirement for a Pennsylvania Radon Mitigation System Tag.
3150 7-535 Stream Redesignations (Sobers Run, et al.)
Updates and revises water quality standards that are designated uses for surface waters of the Commonwealth.
3140 7-528 Water Quality Standards; Class A Stream Redesignations
Updates and revises water quality standards that are designated uses for surface waters in Pennsylvania.
3138 7-522 Handling and Use of Explosives
Revises current regulations to address the use of explosives for seismic exploration.
3136 7-520 Disinfection Requirements Rule
Updates and clarifies safe drinking water regulations.
3121 7-496 Remining Requirements
Updates existing regulations to reflect federal regulatory requirements.
3119 7-494 Safe Drinking Water; Revised Total Coliform Rule
Amends Pennsylvania's Safe Drinking Water regulations to incorporate federal requirements needed to retain primary enforcement authority for the Revised Total Coliform Rule.
3110 7-490 Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Automobile and Light-Duty Truck Assembly Coating Operations and Heavier Vehicle Coating Operations
Adds Reasonably Available Control Technology requirements and emission limitations for stationary sources of Volatile Organic Compound emissions from automobile and light-duty truck assembly coating operations and heavier vehicle coating operations.
3109 7-491 Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Miscellaneous Metal Parts Surface Coating Processes, Miscellaneous Plastic Parts Surface Coating Processes and Pleasure Craft Surface Coatings
Adopts Reasonably Available Control Technology requirements and emission limitations for stationary sources of Volatile Organic Compound emissions for miscellaneous metal parts and plastic parts surface coating processes.
3090 7-493 Security Rule for Radioactive Material
Amends existing regulations to reference a new Nuclear Regulatory Commission security regulation.
3074 7-489 Land Reclamation Financial Guarantees and Bioenergy Crop Bonding
Establishes the framework for implementing the Bioenergy Crop Reclamation Initiative and for providing Land Reclamation Financial Guarantees to surface mining operators.
3066 7-487 Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Fiberglass Boat Manufacturing Materials
Adopts reasonably available control technology requirements and emission limitations for stationary sources of volatile organic compound emissions from fiberglass boat manufacturing materials.
3057 7-486 Administration of the Land Recycling Program
Updates the statewide health cleanup standard, corrects errors and omissions, and clarifies certain established program policies.
3052 7-485 Additional RACT Requirements for Major Sources of NOx and VOCs
Adopts RACT requirements and emission limitations for certain major stationary sources of NOx and VOC emissions.
3042 7-484 Environmental Protection Performance Standards at Oil and Gas Well Sites
Sets performance standards for surface activities at oil and gas well sites.
3022 7-483 Oil and Gas Well Fee Amendments
Amends the unconventional natural gas well permit fee structure.
3017 7-480 Regulated Medical and Chemotherapeutic Waste
Aligns Pennsylvania's regulated medical and chemotherapeutic waste provisions with federal requirements and the requirements of surrounding states.
2986 7-479 Emergency Response Planning at Unconventional Well Sites
Enables county and other emergency responders to find and access unconventional oil and gas well sites in case of an emergency.
2980 7-478 Air Quality Title V Fee Amendment
Increases the current Title V annual emission fee.
2979 7-479 Emergency Response Planning at Unconventional Well Sites
Enables county and other emergency responders to find and access unconventional oil and gas well sites in case of an emergency.
2955 7-477 Measurement and Reporting of Condensable Particulate Matter Emissions
Updates and clarifies the applicability of sampling and testing methods used to demonstrate compliance with certain particulate matter emission standards and limitations.
2954 7-475 Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards
Updates and revises ambient water quality criteria as required by the federal clean water act.
2948 7-473 St. Joe Resources Company; Repeal
Rescinds obsolete regulations pertaining to emissions of sulfur dioxide.
2947 7-472 Portable Fuel Containers; Repeal
Rescinds obsolete regulations pertaining to emissions of volatile organic compounds from the use of portable fuel containers.
2946 7-471 Employer Trip Reduction; Repeal
Rescinds obsolete regulations pertaining to employer trip reduction requirements.
2934 7-476 Coal Mining Fees
Amends permit application filing fees for coal mining activities.
2930 7-469 Flexible Packaging Printing Presses, Offset Lithographic Printing Presses and Letterpress Printing Presses, Adhesives, Sealants, Primers and Solvents
Limits emissions of volatile organic compounds from the use and application of inks, coatings, adhesives, fountain solutions, and cleaning materials used in various types of printing processes.
2927 7-466 Dam Safety and Waterway Management Fees
Amends existing regulations to update existing fees and add new fees for activities performed by the Department of Environmental Protection.
2883 7-467 Coal Mining Permit Fees
Provides a schedule of permit application fees for coal mining activities.
2875 7-465 Mercury Emissions: Repeal
Repeals existing regulations on mercury emissions.
2874 7-462 Commercial Fuel Oil Sulfur Limits for Combustion Units
Lowers the allowable sulfur content of commercial fuel oil for use in combustion units and replaces the area-specific sulfur content limits for commercial fuel oils with a statewide sulfur limit.
2872 7-461 Stream Redesignations (Fishing Creek, et al.)
Amends the water quality designations of 8 streams or stream segments.
2864 7-460 Noncoal Mining Fees
Establishes permit application fees and administrative fees for the noncoal mining program.
2857 7-459 Oil and Gas Wells
Updates existing requirements regarding drilling, casing, cementing, testing, monitoring and plugging of oil and gas wells.
2845 7-456 Unsuitable for Surface Mining; (Muddy Run)
Designates an area within the headwaters of the Muddy Run watershed in Reade Township, Cambria County as unsuitable for surface mining operations.
2842 7-458 Incidental Coal Extraction, Bonding, Enforcement, Sediment Control and Remining Financial Guarantees
Amends existing regulations to be consistent with federal mining regulations and amends regulations related to the Remining Financial Guarantee Program.
2841 7-457 Ambient Water Quality Criterion; Chloride (Ch)
Adopts the current national chloride criterion for the protection of aquatic life into Pennsylvania's water quality standards on a statewide basis.
2835 7-452 Dam Safety and Waterway Management
Amends existing regulations to address dam safety concerns by clarifying provisions and amending outdated provisions.
2834 7-438 Clarks Creek, et al; Stream Redesignations
Updates the water quality designations of six streams or stream segments and makes a correction to the stream designation.
2824 7-454 Administration of the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act
Establishes requirements for the submission of an environmental covenant to the Department of Environmental Protection as demonstration of attainment or maintenance of an environmental remediation standard.
2823 7-453 Administration of the Land Recycling Program
Updates numeric Statewide health-based standards relating to the cleanup of contaminated sites under the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standard Act.
2821 7-451 Water Quality Standards Implementation
Codifies existing policy and guidance documents for nutrient credit trading related to nutrient and sedimentation pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.
2819 7-443 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permitting, Monitoring and Compliance
Adds a new chapter to recognize and align the Commonwealth's regulations relating to discharges or treated sewage and industrial wastewater with the companion federal regulations.
2818 7-450 New Source Review
Amends existing regulations to incorporate federal requirements pertaining to certain air contamination sources.
2813 7-449 Large Appliance and Metal Furniture Surface Coating Processes
Limits emissions of volatile organic compounds from the use and application of coatings and cleaning materials in large appliance and metal furniture coating processes.
2808 7-442 Beneficial Use of Coal Ash
Establishes the standards, procedures and requirements that apply to the beneficial use of coal ash.
2807 7-448 Paper, Film and Foil Surface Coating Processes
Amends existing regulations to limit volatile organic compound emissions from the use and application of coatings and cleaning materials in paper, film and foil surface coating processes.
2806 7-446 Wastewater Treatment Requirements
Establishes effluent limits for sources of wastewaters containing high concentrations of total dissolved solids.
2805 7-445 Hazardous Waste Management System; Proposed Exclusion for Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste
Amends an existing hazardous waste delisting.
2802 7-444 Outdoor Wood-Fired Boilers
Adds requirements for outdoor wood-fired boilers.
2801 7-447 Flat Wood Paneling Surface Coating Processes
Limits emission of volatile organic compounds from the use and application of inks, coatings and adhesives, and the use of cleaning materials in flat wood paneling surface coating processes.
2800 7-441 Air Quality Fee Schedules
Amends existing fee schedules and adds a new chapter relating to testing, auditing and monitoring fees.
2797 7-439 Safe Drinking Water Amendments (Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule (Stage 2 DBPR) Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2ESWTR) and Groundwater Rule (GWR))
Amends existing safe drinking water regulations to incorporate federal provisions needed for Pennsylvania to retain primary enforcement authority.
2790 7-437 Lead and Copper Rule Short Term Revisions
Amends the lead and copper provisions of the existing Safe Drinking Water regulations to incorporate federal requirements.
2783 7-440 Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management
Updates existing erosion and sediment control regulations relating to agricultural planning, stormwater management, buffer provisions and a permit-by-rule option. Correction to final publication in Pa Bulletin 9/18/10.
2774 7-433 Administration of the Water and Wastewater Systems Operators' Certification Program
Establishes a new chapter to implement provisions of the Water and Wastewater Systems Operators' Certification Act. Correction published in the 9/25/10 Pa Bulletin.
2771 7-436 Blue Eye Run, et al. (Water Quality Network (WQN) Package); Stream Redesignations
Updates water quality designations for seven streams or stream segments.
2770 7-434 Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
Amends existing regulations governing environmental laboratory accreditation to improve clarity and update fees.
2755 7-428 Adhesives, Sealants, Primers and Solvents
Adds volatile organic compound emission limits for 37 categories of products that are currently unregulated in Pennsylvania and adds requirements for preparation and clean up solvents.
2753 7-432 Administration of the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Program
Amends an existing chapter to establish new comprehensive training requirements for three classes of underground storage tanks.
2742 7-431 Oil and Gas Wells
increases fees for oil and gas well permits
2741 7-430 Marcellus Shale Well Permit Fees
Establishes increases in permit fees relative to the development of Marcellus Shale gas wells in Pennsylvania
2736 7-427 Safe Drinking Water (Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule)
Amends existing regulations to reduce disease incidence associated with the disinfection byproducts that form when public water systems add disinfectants.
2735 7-426 Long-Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule; (Safe Drinking Water)
amends existing Safe Drinking Water regulations to further protect public health against cryptosporidium and other microbial pathogens in drinking water
2734 7-425 Safe Drinking Water (Groundwater Rule)
amends existing safe drinking water regulations regarding identification of ground water systems that are susceptible to contamination; treatment requirements; and notification to the public
2727 7-429 Clean Air Interstate Rule - Repeal
repeals provisions to 3 chapters which relate to the U S Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Interstate Rule model regulations which were vacated by federal court order
2717 7-404 Bluff Recession and Setback
designates Bluff Recession Hazard Areas to protect the health and safety of coastal property owners by preventing the destruction of property and structures.
2683 7-420 Control of NOx Emissions from Glass Melting Furnaces
Establishes nitrogen oxides emission control requirements, standards and limitations for glass melting furnaces during the ozone season.
2682 7-419 Control of NOx Emissions from Cement Kilns
Revises existing nitrogen oxides emission limits for cement kilns.
2681 7-423 Radiological Health and Radon Certification Fees
Amends permit fees associated with radioactive materials, radiation-producing machines and service providers and radon service providers.
2659 7-421 Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards
triennial update of water quality standards for the Commonwealth
2658 7-422 Diesel Vehicle Idling; and Auxiliary Power Systems
Establishes idling restrictions for diesel-powered vehicles and power systems
2637 7-407 Safe Drinking Water; Public Notification Revisions
Establishes new requirements for improving public notification in response to emergencies or contaminations involving public water supplies
2636 7-416 Consumer Products
Expands current regulation of Volatile Organic Compounds to include 11 additional categories of consumer products to help meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone
2633 7-412 Safe Drinking Water - General Update
Updates existing drinking water regulations to match federal requirements and improve reporting methods
2632 7-414 Coal Mines
Extensive rewrite of surface mining regulations including incorporation of standards by reference of the U.S. Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration
2624 7-415 Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program (AFIG) Regulation
Deletes 4 Pa. Code Chapter 311 in its entirety consistent with its abrogation by Act 178 of 2004.
2619 7-409 Hazardous Waste Regulations
The EQB proposes to amend various chapters of the existing regulation to address the DEP Secretary's directive to implement goals in the Administration's priorities of increased environmental protection and improved human quality of life.
2611 7-410 Stream Redesignations, Big Brook, et al.
Updates and revises designations for 11 stream segments across the state including one upgrade to "Exceptional Value"
2607 7-411 Clean Air Interstate Rule
Incorporates by reference the CAIR NOx Annual Trading Program, the CAIR NOx Ozone Season Trading Program and the CAIR SO2 Trading Program, with some exceptions.
2598 7-408 Permit Streamlining
Revises plan approval requirements for air cleaning devices and air contamination sources.
2587 7-406 Notification of Proximity to Airports
Amends the definition of airport to include military airports and requires notification if a waste transfer facility will be opened or expanded within 6 miles of an airport.
2585 7-403 Water Resources Planning
Specifies who is required to register, keep records and report information regarding withdrawals of water and the information that is reported to DEP.
2582 7-402 Radiological Health
Corrects references to federal rules and clarifies or modifies provisions related to civil penalties, definitions, healing arts screening requirements and attestation requirements for radon services
2560 7-400 Mine Opening Blasting
Clarifies that blasting at mine openings is a surface mining activity and other requirements including licensing, scheduling of blasting and protective measures.
2557 7-401 Coal Mine Reclamation Fees and Reclamation of Bond Forfeiture Sites
Amends provisions relating to reclamation fees and to requirements for the reclamation of coal mined lands where the bonds had been forfeited.
2547 7-405 Standards for Contaminants; Mercury
Establishes mercury emission control limits for coal-fired electric generating units.
2535 7-399 Nonattainment New Source Review
Comprehensive revision retaining provisions more stringent than federal regulations
2532 7-395 Administration of the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act
Makes comprehensive and minor editorial changes to existing regulations on the administration of the storage tank and spill prevention program
2523 7-398 Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program
Updates and clarifies adoption of California regulations (CARB) for automobile emissions and postpones compliance with CARB's CA LEV II until the 2008 model year.
2489 7-397 Stream Redesignations, (Newtown Creek, et al.)
Changes the designations of six water bodies and corrects a typographical error
2461 7-394 Storage, Handling and Use of Explosives
Revises and increases requirements and standards for explosives storage to deter theft
2454 7-392 Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
Sets forth requirements for an environmental laboratory accreditation program for laboratories that test or analyze samples that are used to comply with statutes administered by DEP
2451 7-393 Hazardous Waste Management System; Proposed Exclusion for Identification and Listing Hazardous Waste
Grants a delisting to MAX Environmental Technologies, Inc. that would allow Electric Arc Furnace Dust to not be treated as a hazardous waste.
2412 7-391 Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Other Agricultural Operations
Conforms DEP's existing regulations for concentrated animal feeding operations to revised federal regulations and makes some substantive and organizational changes
2401 7-388 Lake Redesignations
Redesignates three PA lakes (Lake Luxembourg, Blue Marsh Reservoir and Walker Lake) to provide the appropriate aquatic life use designation, mirroring existing use.
2366 7-386 Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards
Updates and clarifies language in several parts of Chapter 93, including changes to its scope, and specific and general water criteria
2358 7-385 Bond Adjustment and Bituminous Mine Subsidence Control Standards
Amends requirements relating to the protection and repair of dwellings and noncommercial dwellings in areas above coal mining operations, replacement of water supplies and adjustment of bonds for repairs
2352 7-387 Radiological Health
Revised to reflect code changes as a result of previous revisions to Article V and NRC regulations incorporated by reference
2348 7-380 Stream Redesignations (Brushy Meadow Creek, et al.)
Updates and clarifies listings for 36 stream segments, upgrades four stream segments to EV
2345 7-383 Safe Drinking Water; Microbial and Disinfection Byproducts
Corrects provisions relating to disinfectants, disinfection byproducts and surface water treatment so that they are no more stringent than Federal guidelines
2344 7-384 Safe Drinking Water; Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule
Extends cryptosporidium control requirements to public drinking water systems serving 10,000 or fewer people
2331 7-381 Safe Drinking Water; Radionuclides Rule
Requires monitoring for radionuclides at each entry point to a community water systems distribution system
2330 7-382 Safe Drinking Water; Filter Backwash Recycling Rule (FBRR)
Requires public water systems to review their filtration system recycling practices and, where appropriate, make changes so that microbial control is not compromised
2302 7-378 Small Sources of NOx, Cement Kilns and Large Internal Combustion Engines
Establishes NOx emission limits for certain boilers, turbines and stationary internal combustion engines for Philadelphia and surrounding counties and statewide NOx emission limits for large stationary internal combustion engines and cement kilns
2295 7-379 Stream Redesignation; East Branch Codorus Creek
Redesignates East Branch Codorus Creek from CWF to WWF to provide for the appropriate designated use
2270B 7-377 Stream Redesignations; Oysterville Creek, et al.
Upgrades the designation and increases the protection of 2 streams in Berks County
2270A 7-377 Stream Redesignations; Oysterville Creek, et al.
Upgrades the designation and increases the protection of 4 streams located in Bedford, Delaware and York counties
2269 7-376 Coal Mining
Exempts government-financed construction and reclamation projects from the coal mine permit requirements of Chapters 86, 87 and 88
2245 7-372 Safe Fill
Replaces existing "clean fill" regulations with "safe fill" and "historic fill" in Chapter 271 (relating to municipal waste) and Chapter 287 (relating to residual waste)
2243 7-375 Water Quality Standards Implementation - Chloride and Sulfate
Moves the point of application of the water quality criteria for chloride and sulfate from all points in stream after mixing to the point of all existing or planned surface potable water supply withdrawals
2242 7-374 Great Lakes Initiative
Eliminates the use of mixing areas in calculating allowable discharge limits for BCCs, thereby lessening loadings to the Great Lake System
2239 7-364 Hazardous Waste Management
Updates the Hazardous Waste Management Program and addresses issues raised since the Regulatory Basics Initiative rulemaking
2238 7-371 Architectural and Industrial Maintenance Coatings
Adds volatile organic compound (VOC) standards for architectural and industrial maintenance coatings
2237 7-357 Noncoal Underground Mines and Other Excavations
Revises regulations addressing safety at noncoal underground mines and mined-out underground coal mines used to house other businesses
2236 7-366 Stream Redesignations (Class A Wild Trout Waters)
Redesignates a number of streams as Class A Wild Trout Waters as determined by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
2228 7-370 Consumer Products
Establishes volatile organic compound (VOC) standards for approximately 80 different types of products, ranging from adhesives to windshield washer solution, to reduce ozone pollution
2227 7-369 Portable Fuel Containers
Establishes performance standards for new portable fuel containers and requirements for no spill spouts
2214 7-368 Safe Drinking Water
Adds new requirements for Consumer Confidence Reports; revises public notice requirements; and makes minor revisions to the regulation of lead and copper for water supply systems
2211 7-365 Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Control Program
Adopts by reference California's emission standards for new heavy-duty diesel vehicles and engines (which are greater than 14,000 lbs.) starting in the 2005 model year
2207 7-367 Coal Mine Permits/Road Requirements
Addresses criteria for approval of coal mine permits concerning roads used in conjunction with coal surface mines and refuse disposal operations
2190B 7-362B Stream Redesignations, Little Bush Kill, et al.
Redesignates Browns Run (Warren Co.) to EV
2190A 7-362A Stream Redesignations, Little Bush Kill, et al.
Evaluates the designations for 4 streams or stream segments
2175 7-363 Fees
Revises registration fees to cover the costs of the program
2169 7-360 Radiological Health
Amends 3 chapters to update the standards for protection against radiation
2168 7-361 Household Hazardous Waste
Clarifies the regulations to make them consistent with the Small Business and Household Pollution Prevention Program Act
2145 7-354 Host Municipality Fund Allocation
Clarifies the definition of "qualifying facility" and simplifies the formula used to allocate the Host Municipality Fund
2140 7-359 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts
Amends practices for public water systems to protect against harmful health effects of disinfection byproducts
2139 7-358 Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment
Amends drinking water filtration systems that serve at least 10,000 people, primarily to protect against cryptosporidium contamination
2138 7-350 Radiological Health
Revises and updates existing radioactive material regulations through incorporation by reference of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations
2133 7-356 Administration of Land Recycling Program
Updates existing land recycling regulations and incorporates current scientific information and policy clarifications to implement the statewide health standard and attainment provisions
2132 7-355 Storage Tank Program
Updates corrective action plan regulations implemented in 1993 to reflect Act 2 of 1995 and other changes that have occurred since 1993
2131 7-351 Radon Certification; Continuing Education
Changes the minimum required hours from 16 to 8 per year for the radon continuing education program
2124 7-353 Oil and Gas Wells
Eliminates bonding requirements for oil & gas wells drilled prior to 4/18/85 pursuant to Act 57 of 1998. Various other clarifications including notification requirements, permit requirements, and technical changes
2123 7-352 Coal Refuse Disposal
Amends Chapters 88 and 90 relating to permitting and performance standards for coal refuse disposal operations
2120 7-349 Licensing of Blasters and Storage, Handling and Use of Explosives
Updates the standards and permitting procedures for the use, storage and handling of explosives for surface applications including mining, construction and demolition activities
2095 7-347 Universal Waste Rule - Addition of Mercury-Containing Devices
Adds "mercury containing devices" to the list of wastes subject to the Universal Waste Rule and associated amendments
2059 7-347 Universal Waste Rule - Addition of Wastes
Amends the existing hazardous waste regulations by adding two additional wastes to the list of hazardous wastes that may be managed as universal wastes
2058 7-346 Solvent Cleaning Operations
Updates equipment requirements for the operation of solvent cleaning machines; specifies improved operating practices; and establishes volatility limits for solvents used in cold cleaning machines
2022 7-342 Waste Oil
Amends the process for the handling and recycling of waste oil
2009 7-345 Interstate Ozone Transport Reduction
Reduces allowable ozone emissions; specifies monitoring and reporting procedures; and specifies emission control techniques
2008 7-343 Nitrogen Oxides Allowance
Amends the definition of NOx affected unit and makes technical corrections to the allocation of NOx allowances
2007 7-339 Surface Coating Processes (RBI #4)
Provides procedures for determining compliance with volatile organic compound emission limits for surface coating processes and establishes reasonably available control technology requirements for wood furniture manufacturing operations
2004 7-344 Sewage Enforcement Officers Application Requirements for Certification
Revises application and training provisions for certification for sewage enforcement officer candidates
1981 7-341 Gasoline Volatility Requirements
Eliminates the use of federal reformulated gasoline (RFG) as a compliant fuel in the Pittsburgh-Beaver Valley area during the ozone season starting in May 2000
1980 7-334 Mobile Equipment Repair and Refinishing
Adds requirements for application and use of automobile refinishing products which contain volatile organic compounds
1975 7-338 Water Quality
Deletes provisions that are inconsistent with or more stringent than federal regulations; deletes obsolete, redundant and unclear provisions; and clarifies existing administrative procedures
1974 7-340 Municipal Waste
Updates municipal waste management regulations involving permitting operation procedures and transportation requirements
1972 7-336 Residual Waste
Revises requirements for the transportation, treatment and disposal of residual waste
1948 7-337 Bottled Water Systems; Permit by Rule
Establishes a permit by rule for in-state permitted bottled water suppliers
1937B 7-333B Stream Redesignation; Trout Run
Redesignates the headwaters of Trout Run to EV
1937A 7-333A Stream Redesignations; Buck Hill Creek, et al.
Redesignates 6 streams or stream segments
1924 7-331 Surface and Underground Coal Mining
Updates procedures for designating area unsuitable for mining and amends provisions found to be more stringent than federal law
1922 7-335 Radiological Health
Revises existing radioactive material regulations to make them compatible with NRC regulations
1921 7-332 Erosion and Sediment Control
Clarifies erosion and sediment control requirements and integrates federal NPDES requirements for stormwater discharges related to construction activities
1905 7-328 Hazardous Waste Management
Proposed amendments to more closely align Pennsylvania's hazardous waste management regulations with Federal regulations at 40 CFR Parts 260 to 270
1902 7-330 New Motor Vehicle Emissions Control Program
Implements the federal National Low Emission Vehicle program as a voluntary compliance alternative to the PA Clean Vehicles program
1899 7-329 Radiological Health
Updates regulations to protect the health and safety of employees and patients who work with radiation equipment
1878 7-326 Equivalency Determinations and Aerospace Manufacturing and Rework - VOC Emission Limitations
Establishes VOC limitations for the aerospace industry and deletes the requirement equivalency determinations be approved by EPA as revisions to SIP
1877 7-325 Regulatory Basics Initiative #3 (Malodors)
Revises the policy for identifying malodors and the requirements for the control of malodors
1876 7-323 Wastewater Management
Addresses the treatment of wastewater and is part of the DEP's Regulatory Basics Initiative
1875 7-322 Municipal Wasteload Management
Amends provisions of the Municipal Wasteload Management Program that are obsolete and more stringent than federal rule
1874 7-324 Stream Redesignations; Hay Creek, et al.
Redesignations of Hay Creek & Beaver Run in Berks County; Pine Creek & Caldwell Creek in Crawford & Warren Cos; Mir Creek in Somerset Co.; Bens Creek in Cambria Co.; South Fork Little Condmaugh River in Cambria Co; and Sandy Run in Somerset Co.
1859 7-317 Air Quality Amendments (RBI #2)
Updates air quality provisions by eliminating obsolete requirements, making editorial corrections and updating provisions for repair of storage tanks
1836 7-320 Control of VOCs from Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (Stage II)
Implements gasoline vapor control requirements at most gasoline dispensing facilities in seven southwestern Pennsylvania counties (Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland)
1835 7-319 Gasoline Volatility
Requires the sale of lower volatility gas in the Pittsburgh/Beaver Valley region during the summer ozone season.
1834 7-316 Mine Subsidence Control, Subsidence Damage Repair & Water Supply Replacement
Implements Act 54 of 1994 which require mine operators to restore, replace, or compensate for water supplies impacted by mining
1833 7-318 Oil and Gas Amendments
Amends existing regulation relating to oil and gas wells, oil and gas conservation, and gas well classification
1830 7-315 Water Supply Protection/Replacement (Mining)
Contains surface mining provisions for water supply protection and replacement and revegetation of abandoned mine land affected by remining
1829 7-307 Coal Mining Permitting and Performance Standards
Amends existing regulation relating to permitting and performance standards for surface and underground coal mining, and coal refuse disposal operations
1819 7-313 Air Quality - RBI 1
Increases consistency with federal requirements, deletes obsolete and unnecessary provisions, and applies DEP's monitoring requirements in a consistent manner.
1818 7-314 Nitrogen Oxides Allowance Program
Establishes a program to limit the emission of nitrogen oxides (Nox) from fossil fired combustion units of 250 MMBTU/Hour and electric generating untis of 15MW or greater.
1809 7-321 Expedited Rulemaking for Mine Subsidence Control
Deletes obsolete provisions pertaining to mine subsidence damage protections.
1808 7-312 Great Lakes Initiative (GLI)
Incorporated provisions of the federal Great Lakes Initiative regulation.
1807 7-311 Financial Assistance
Updates requirements a municipality must meet to qualify for financial assistance for constructing or upgrading a sewage treatment facility.
1799 7-310 Water Quality Amendments - Antidegradation
Updates the Commonwealth's antidegradation program to be consistent with federal standards
1798A 7-306A Stream Redesignations; French Creek, et al. Part A
Amends the stream classifications and provides additional protection for those streams designated as Special Protection Waters
1797 7-308 Small Operator Assistance Program
This regulation deletes 3 sections containing redundant language, conforms regulatory citations to Federal requirements and provides clarity to the regulations.
1790 7-303 Noncoal Regulations
Various amendments to noncoal mining regulations pursuant to the Regulatory Basics Initiative.
1789 7-304 Amendments to Municipal and Residual Waste Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements; Substantial Plan Revisions
Decreases the recordkeeping and reporting requirements for waste management facilities.
1787 7-305 Schools
Deletes duplicative and out-dated provisions and standards for grounds, buildings, equipment, heating, lighting, bathing places, sewage disposal, food services, water supply and solid waste disposal at schools
1786 7-302 Bonding, Civil Penalties, and Areas Unsuitable for Mining
Regulatory Basics Initiative amendments affecting the process for designating areas unsuitable for coal mining, bonding, and civil penalties,
1762 7-297 Hazardous Waste Management
Implements the Universal Waste Rule which creates a category of hazardous waste management to facilitate recycling or proper disposal of certain widely generated hazardous wastes.
1760 7-300 Administration of the Land Recycling Program (Act 2)
Establishes clean-up standards for the remediation of abandoned and polluted sites in the Commonwealth.
1758 7-299 Corrections to Drainage Lists
Minor corrections and reinstatements of information to the drainage lists and stream designations.
1751 7-296 Storage Tank Technical Standards
Amends definitions; incorporates the federal underground storage tank regulations; establishes a permitting program; and establishes technical and operational standards for small and large aboveground storage tanks.
1749 7-298 Marking of Infectious Waste Containers
Requires that rigid containers of infectious and chemotherapeutic waste be labeled according to federal standards, and deletes the requirement that they be color-coded.
1731 7-295 General Conformity
Ensure projects sponsored by a federal agency do not interfere with PA's attainment of National Ambient Air Quality standards or with emission reductions plans leading to attainment.
1687 7-285 PostMining Discharges/Licensing and Bonding
Amends existing mining regulations to update bonding and insurance requirements, adds licensing provisions, and standards for post-mining pollutional discharges while allowing for passive treatment of discharges.
1682 7-286 Storage Tanks; Certification Program
Amends the regulation which implements the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act.
1674 7-294 Administration of Sewage Facilities, Planning Program and Standards for Sewage Disposal Facilities (Act 149)
Comprehensive amendments to implement revisions to the Sewage Facilities Act as amended by Act 149 of 1994.
1664 7-287 Hazardous and Municipal Waste
The regulation updates the Commonwealth's hazardous waste program by making certain provisions more consistent with EPA regulations.
1663 7-292 Area Unsuitable for Surface Mining Activities; Squaw Run
Prohibit surface mining operations within a 450 acre tract of land located in Slippery Rock and Wayne Townships, Lawrence County.
1662 7-293 Criteria and Procedures for Designating Areas Unsuitable for Surface Mining Activities
Replaces the term "surface mining activities" with "surface mining operations."
1651 7-288 Stream Redesignations; Kettle Creek, et al.
This regulation upgrades the majority of the streams to either HQ or EV in 7 counties.
1644 7-290 Stream Redesignations; Tinicum et al.
Amends nine streams or stream group designations in Chapter 93 of 25 PA Code to afford greater protection to their water quality.
1643 7-289 Sewage Facilities - Planning, Permitting and Disposal Facilities
Establishes technical and bonding criteria for the installation of on-lot sewage disposal systems in areas where soil mottling is present
1620 7-284 Stream Redesignations; Pine and Elk Creeks
Upgrades stream designations for Pine and Elk Creeks, Centre County
1601 7-283 Clean Fuel Fleet Program
Establishes standards, criteria and procedures for the implementation of a clean fuel fleet program as mandated by the federal Clean Air Act.
1600 7-282 Sewage Sludge
Contains major revisions to the permitting program for the land application of sewage sludge and other revisions to the residual and municipal waste program.
1578 7-280 Radiological Health
Conforms to U.S. NRC regulations for protection against radiation, medical use of byproduct material and transportation of radioactive material
1577 7-277 Stream Redesignations (Crawford Branch)
Amends certain stream designations (and adds others as Special Protection Waters for the first time) to Chapter 93 of 25 Pa. Code.
1563 7-279 Oxygen Content of Gasoline
Revises requirements in the oxygenated gasoline program to remove averaging and attest engagement provisions; provides for provisions to remain in effect until control area is designated for attainment.
1562 7-278 Small Gasoline Storage Tank (Stage I) Exemption
Exempts all gasoline tanks with a capacity of 2,000 gallons or less from Stage I controls.
1552 7-273 Storage Tanks-Financial Responsibility
Establishes the levels of financial reserves that UST owners must maintain to meet the statute's financial responsibility requirements. It also amends existing certification requirements for storage tank installers and inspectors
1546 7-275 Radioactive Health
Updates the DEP's radiation protection regulation related to transportation and packaging of radioactive materials, and enables PA to achieve "Agreement State Status" from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
1545 7-271 Coal Mining: Small Operator Assistance Program(SOAP)
Revises provisions for financial assistance in mine permit preparation for small coal producers and revises applicant criteria
1544 7-265 Coal Mining
Implements remining and reclamation incentives programs to encourage operators to reclaim abandoned coal mine sites.
1543 7-263 Coal and Noncoal Mining
Incorporates federal standards for noncoal and coal mining operations. Provided conformity with the rules and regulation of the federal government for noncoal and coal mining operations.
1540 7-274 Oil and Gas Wells
Amends oil and gas well rules
1539 7-272 Safe Drinking Water
To incorporate federal lead and copper standards into DER's regulations to achieve primary over drinking water. Also, to establish business planning requirements for new systems
1537 7-276 Correction to the Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT)
Makes a correction to the presumptive RACT standard for medium-sized combustion units
1515 7-270 Area Unsuitable for Noncoal Surface Mining (Haines Township)
The regulation would designate 19 acres in Haines Township as unsuitable for noncoal mining
1514 7-269 Area Unsuitable for Noncoal Mining (Pequea Township)
1511 7-266 Safe Drinking Water
Incorporates federal and state mcls; monitoring and treating requirements; and establishes a wellhead protection program.
1496 7-268 Plan Approval and Operating Permit
Revises permitting requirements for major air contamination sources per Title V of Federal Clean Air Act
1495 7-267 Safe Drinking Water: Extension of Deadline for Meeting ANSI/NSF Standards
Extends deadline by 2 years by which chemicals and construction materials must conform w/ANSI/NSF standards
1493 7-264 Stream Redesignation - North Branch
1393 7-259 Air Quality: New Source Review Provisions
To implement new source permit requirements required by federal Clean Air Act
1381A 7-253A Stream Redesignation - Rattling Run, et al
1380 7-258 Amendments to Coal Mining Regulations
1376 7-255 Rebuttable Presumption of Liability
A new regulation relating to the rebuttable presumption of liability of the operator of the regional waste facility for all damages and radioactive contamination
1375 7-254 Conservation of Pennsylvania Native Wild Plants
1370 7-252 Employer Trip Reduction
Implements Employee Trip Reduction Program for five-county Philadelphia area as required by federal clean air act
1361 7-251 Extension of Certification Date
1359 7-250 Reasonably Available Control Technology Requirements for Major Stationary Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds & Oxides of Nitrogen
To implement reasonable available control technology (RACT) standards for major sources of NOx and VOCs as required by federal Clean Air Act
1357 7-247 Releases & Corrective Action
Establishes corrective action procedures for underground and aboveground storage tanks.
1339 7-243 Coal Mining Reclamation Fee
1332 7-246 Triennial Water Quality Standards
Revises site specific criteria and updates standards to conform with Delaware River Basin Commission standards; defines wetlands and designated and existing uses and sets total residual chlorine criteria
1314 7-245 Surface Coal Mining Regulations Correction
1289 7-242 Stream Designation - Sambo Creek, et al
1286 7-244 VOC Controls for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (Stage II)
1284 7-233 Insurance Fund
Provides higher limits of property insurance coverage for benefit of coal and clay mine subsidence insurance fund policyholders from the effects of coal and clay mine subsidences
1279 7-241 Designation Unsuitable for Mining - Laurel Run Watershed
1278 7-240 Designation Unsuitable for Mining - Paddy Run Watershed
1277 7-239 Clean Streams - Paddy Run, et al
1274 7-238 Oxygen Content Standards of Gasoline
1273 7-237 Chapter 135 - Reporting of Sources
1267 7-236 Safe Drinking Water: Filtration Rule Interim Guidelines
1263 7-234 Coal Mining - Small Operator Assistance Program
1262 7-232 Coal Mining - Bonding and Insurance
Makes changes to correct an error in a definition and in certain provisions under the financial tests for self-bonding by coal mine operators
1247 7-230 Stream Redesignations-Big Spring Creek, et al
1241 7-231 Areas Designated Unsuitable for Mining - Goss Run
1233 7-229 Volatile Organic Compound Materials
1188 7-247 Coal Preparation Activities
1180 7-228 Total Coliform Monitoring Requirements
1164 7-212 Safe Drinking Water Regulations Update
1158 7-219 Seasonal Farm Labor Camps
Make numerous amendments to Chapter 201 which contains the criteria and standards for traffic restrictions
1146 7-226 Transportation & Management Fees for Hazardous Waste Activities
1145 7-223 Revision of Stream Designations Format
1138 7-207 Sewage Facilities Planning Program
1118 7-222 Financial Assurance Requirements of the Hazardous Waste Regulation
1113 7-221 Administration of the Storage Tank & Spill Prevention Program
1112 7-220 Safe Drinking Water
1111 7-218 Omnibus Revisions to State Park Rules
1107 7-217 Infectious & Chemotherapeutic Waste Incineration
1102 7-216 PA Clean Streams Law - Water Quality Standards
1085 7-211 Gas Well Classification
1082 7-214 State Grants for Operation of Sewage Treatment Plants
1081 7-213 Non-Coal Mining
1066 7-210 Amendments to Coal Mining Regulations
1058 7-204 Bottled Water, Vended Water and Bulk Water Hauling Systems
1055 7-209 Radiation Protection
1054 7-208 Registration & License Fees
1043 7-195 Control of VOC from Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (State II)
1042 7-194 Standards for Sources
1028 7-202 Encroachment Permits Wetlands
1025 7-180 Standards for Administrative Records for Hazardous Waste Sites
1010 7-187 Financial Assurances Package
1009 7-190 Comprehensive Act 101 Rulemaking Package
1000 7-188 Infectious & Chemotherapeutic Waste Regulations
0993A 7-203A PA Clean Streams Law: Water Quality Standards
0993 7-203 Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law Water Quality Standards
0987 7-181 Residual Waste Management
0986 7-200 Host Municipality Fund Allocation
0981 7-201 Pollution Control and Prevention from Agriculture Operations
0958 7-174 Hazardous Waste Regulations
0951 7-193 Shellfish
0933B 7-191B Volatile Organic Compound Emissions
0933A 7-191 Volatile Organic Compound Emissions
0911 7-177 Air Quality Permit Fees
0903 7-189 Water Quality Stream Redesignations
0891 7-185 Continuous Nitrogen Oxides Monitoring
0890 7-184 Emergency Episode Plans
0889 7-176 Continuous Emission Monitoring Data Availability Requirements
0878 7-173 Area Designated Unsuitable for Mining: Bells Gap Run
0809 7-133 Certificates of Public Necessity
0788 7-172 Control of Gasoline Volatility
0777 7-171 Water Quality Standards
0759 7-159 Amendments to Coal Mining Reg.
0758 7-164 Priority Waters Body Surveys
0747 7-166 Safe Drinking Water
0746 7-167 Radon Certification Act
0742 7-169 Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
0741 7-168 Designated Unsuitable: Six Mile Run
0740 7-165 Special Protection Waters
0730 7-161 Noncoal Mining
0725 7-163 Oil and Gas Regulations
0715 7-162 Waste Water Treatment Requirements
0707 7-158 Water Quality Standards
0699 7-157 Administration of Sewage Facilities Planning Program
0698 7-156 Safe Drinking Water Regulations - Filtration and Disinfection
0694 7-155 Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control
0693 7-154 PA Clean Streams Law; Water Quality Standards
0669 7-153 Construction, Modification, Reactivation & Operation of Sources
0668 7-150 Water Quality Standards; Redesignation of Streams
0664 7-151 Alternative Emission Limits; Anchor Hocking Corporation
0663 7-152 Desig. of Areas Within the Montgomery Creek & Moose Creek Watersheds as U.F.S.M.
0619 7-148 Bonding and Insurance, self-Bonding
0618 7-147 Coal Preparation Activities
0605 7-146 Volatile Organic Compound Emission Limits
0604 7-145 Kraft Pulp Mills & Soda Pulp Mills
0603 7-124 Designation of Portions of North Tangascootack Creek Watershed as Unsuitable for Surface Mining
0600 7-106 Radiation Protection
0599 7-122 Radiation Protection Fund Fee
0589 7-134 Municipal Waste management
0584 7-144 Designation of the Brubaker Run & Chest Creek Watersheds, Elder Township, Cambria County, as Unsuitable for Surface Mining
0583 7-138 Good Engineering Practice Stack Height Regulations
0582 7-116 Designation of Rogues harbor Run Watershed in Chest Township, Cambria and Clearfield Counties, as Unsuitable for Surface Mining
0579 7-143 Temporary Suspension of Stream Bacterial Criteria & Seasonal Disinfection Study
0578 7-141 Hazardous Waste Regulations
0577 7-103 Chap. 73: Standards for Sewage Disposal Systems
0566 7-135 Designation of Portions of the the Little Muddy Run Watershed as Unsuitable for Surface Mining
0565 7-119 Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program
0484 7-139 PA Clean Streams Law; Water Quality Standards
0483 7-98 Administration of the Sewage Facilities Permitting Program
0433 7-123 Use of Money in the Surface Mining Conservation & Reclamation Fund
0430 7-132 Alternative Emission limits - Sun Refining& Marketing Company
0419 7-131 Haul or Access Road Waiver Req.
0418 7-129 PA Clean Streams Law
0349 7-120 Alternative Emission Limits St. joe Resources
0332 7-114 Hazardous Waste Regulations
0323 7-117 Designation of Byrnes Run Watershed Jay and Fox Townships, Elk County as Unsuitable for Surface Coal Mining
0322 7-110 State Grants for Advance of Allowance of EPA Grant Funds for Facilities Planning and Design
0313 7-118 Conservation of Pennsylvania Native Wild Plants
0311 7-111 storm Water Management Grants for Reimbursement Regulations
0307 7-97 Reporting of Sources
0305 7-112 Rules of Practice and Procedure before the Environmental Hearing Board
0248 7-105 Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law
0245 7-96 Alternative Emission Limits
0241 7-89 Conforming Amendments to Chapter 75 Hazardous Waste Regs.
0236 7-4 Subchapter F of Chapter 89, Subsidence Control
0230 7-102 Mineral Preparation Facility Wastewater Treatment Req.
0229 7-101 Water Quality Standards
0225 7-107 PA Safe Drinking Water Regs.
0220 7-94 Prime Farmland 7 Mapping Regs for Anthracite Mining Activities
0193 7-87 Water Allocation Permits
0188 7-99 Amendments to State Recreation Area Regulations
0177 7-83 Bond Forfeiture Reclamation Program
0170 7-100 Executive Assistance Cost Share Program
0169 7-84 Financial Responsibility Requirements
0151 7-90 Designation of Black Bear Run Watershed in Rush Twp, Centre Cty as unsuitable for surface coal mining
0150 7-85 Designation of part of Mill Run Watershed in Logan Twp, Cambria Cty as unsuitable for surface coal mining
0078 7-82 Designation of the Cold Stream Watershed, Rush Township, Centre County, as Unsuitable for Surface Coal
0062 7-64 Hazardous Waste Siting Standards
0058 7-70 Pennsylvania Clean Stream Law
0054 7-79 Application and Fee For Drilling Water Wells
0037 7-76 PA Clean Streams Law
0014 7-69 State Recreation Area