Regulation #7-336: Residual Waste

Revises requirements for the transportation, treatment and disposal of residual waste

Regulation Details
IRRC Number 1972 Proposed Regulation Received July 29, 1998
Agency Name Environmental Quality Board PA Bulletin Publish Date August 15, 1998
Regulation Status Final-Form Close of Public Comment October 14, 1998
PA Code 25 Pa. Code Chapter 250
25 Pa. Code Chapter 287
25 Pa. Code Chapter 288
25 Pa. Code Chapter 289
25 Pa. Code Chapter 291
25 Pa. Code Chapter 293
Final Due By October 14, 2000
Analysts Assigned John H. Jewett  (JHJ)
Richard M. Sandusky  (RMS)
James M. Smith  (JMS)
IRRC Comments Due November 16, 1998
Final-Form Regulation Received September 20, 2000
Public Meeting Date October 19, 2000
Published as Final January 13, 2001
Actions Taken
IRRC Approval October 19, 2000
House Committee Deems Regulation Approved October 11, 2000
Senate Committee Deems Regulation Approved October 11, 2000

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Proposed regulation has not yet been submitted.

Public Comments on Proposed Regulation

October 10, 2000

May 11, 2000

Legislative Comments (on the Proposed and Final Regulation)

October 18, 2000

IRRC Comments on Proposed Regulation

November 16, 1998

Public Comments on Final Regulation

There are currently no public comments on the final regulation.


Legislative Comments (on the Proposed and Final Regulation)

senmellow October 18, 2000

IRRC Order(s)

APPROVAL October 19, 2000

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