Filing a comment

woman filing comment

If you wish to comment on a regulation please do so to the promulgating agency or send comments to the following email address (Click to show email). Your comment should reference the promulgating agency, the title or subject matter of the regulation and, if known, the identification number of the regulation. All comments relating to a regulation submitted to the IRRC are a matter of public record and will be available on IRRC's website.

In most cases, when a regulation is first proposed there is a public comment period for feedback. During that time, the public may submit comments in support of or in opposition to the regulation. The public can also offer suggestions to improve the regulation. Agencies must consider all comments submitted during this comment period when they prepare the final version of their regulations.

After an agency has considered public comments on a proposed regulation, the agency can submit a final version of the regulation. At that time, the public can express their support or opposition on the final regulation before it is considered by IRRC.

You may submit comments on a regulation to (Click to show email) or by contacting the agency that is promulgating the regulation. For help finding a regulation, try our search page or look for regulations that are “Open for Comment” on our homepage.