Commission Review of Existing Regulations

The Commission is currently reviewing a significant number of existing regulations at the request of legislative standing committees of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. As the Commission works toward the completion of the requested reviews this page will provide a status on the Commission's work.

By way of background, Pennsylvania's Regulatory Review Act allows interested parties, including members of the General Assembly and legislative standing committees of the House and Senate, to request the review of existing regulations that have been effect for more than three years. If, after the completion of its review, the Commission finds that a regulation is no longer in the public interest, the Commission may issue recommendations to an agency for regulatory changes or to the General Assembly for statutory changes.

This extensive project covers rulemakings from 10 different agencies. Many of the regulations under review were adopted before IRRC's creation in 1982 and pre-date the current process for the adoption of rules established by the Regulatory Review Act. A list of the review requests from each Committee can be accessed from the links found below.

The Commission has made significant progress on this project and will issue a single, comprehensive report when our work is complete. Until that time, interested parties may submit information to us regarding this matter to aid in the Commission's review.

House Committee Submitting Request Phase Ⅰ:
Research & Data Collection
Phase Ⅱ:
Review & Analysis
Phase Ⅲ:
Phase Ⅳ:
Development of Response & Recommendations
Phase Ⅴ:
Issuance of Report to General Assembly
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