Regulation #16A-5317: Respiratory Therapists

Defines the requirements for continuing education for the practice of respiratory therapists

Regulation Details
IRRC Number 2496 Proposed Regulation Received September 26, 2005
Agency Name State Board of Osteopathic Medicine PA Bulletin Publish Date October 08, 2005
Regulation Status Final-Form Close of Public Comment November 07, 2005
PA Code 49 Pa. Code Chapter 25 Final Due By November 07, 2007
Analysts Assigned Michael J. Stephens  (MJS)
Fiona E. Wilmarth  (FEW)
IRRC Comments Due December 07, 2005
Final-Form Regulation Received September 15, 2006
Public Meeting Date October 19, 2006
Published as Final November 25, 2006
Actions Taken
IRRC Approval October 19, 2006
Senate Committee Deems Regulation Approved October 18, 2006
House Committee Approves the Final Regulation At First Meeting October 03, 2006

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November 23, 2005

IRRC Comments on Proposed Regulation

December 7, 2005

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