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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3388 14-544 Covered Outpatient Drugs
Updates the payment methodology for pharmaceutical services, makes technical corrections relating to prescriptive and dispensing authority of certified registered nurse practitioners and midwives, and amends provisions to reflect advances in information technology.
3364 14-543 Protective Services for Adults
Identifies mandatory reporters and prescribes penalties for their failure to report suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation, or abandonment; requires consistent and timely investigations of allegations; and when necessary, provides for protective services to mitigate risk to individuals.
3347 14-548 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
Amends Chapter 5230 to allow individuals who are 14 years of age or older but under 18 years of age who meet the admission requirements to access psychiatric rehabilitation services (PRS) and amends the diagnoses that allow an individual to access PRS without use of the exception process.
3308 14-549 Interrelationship of Providers
Rescinds the provision in existing regulations which prohibits providers from leasing space within a provider's office to another provider.
3282 14-550 Definitions and Redetermination
Expands the types of interviews available to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families applicants and recipients to meet application and redetermination requirements.
3275 14-545 Subsidized Child Care Eligibility
Aligns eligibility requirements with requirements set forth in the Federal Child Care and Development Block Grant.
3216 14-542 Child Care Facilities
Amends existing regulations relating to group child care homes and family child care homes to address new requirements in the Federal Child Care and Development Block Grant and to better ensure the health and safety of children in child care settings
3209 14-546 Intensive Behavioral Health Services
Codifies the minimum licensing standards and program requirements for participation in the Medical Assistance (MA) Program and MA payment conditions related to delivery of intensive behavioral health services to individuals under 21 years of age.
3176 14-538 Outpatient Psychiatric Services and Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics
Updates current regulations pertaining to the delivery of outpatient psychiatric services and the operation of psychiatric outpatient clinics.
3160 14-540 Home and Community-Based Supports and Licensing
Amends and updates regulations governing program, operational and fiscal aspects of home and community-based supports for people with an intellectual disability or autism.
3137 14-539 Intellectual Disability Terminology Update
Updates language in 24 chapters of regulation relating to intellectual disabilities.