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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3404 6-354 Academic Standards and Assessment
Updates academic standards for Career Education and Work, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Economics, establishes standards for Personal Finance, and amends requirements relating to administration of the elementary-level science assessment and posting of strategic plans.
3379 6-341 Intellectual Disability Terminology Update
Replaces the terms "mentally retarded" and "mental retardation" with the term "intellectual disability."
3354 6-352 Student Attendance and Students and Student Services
Conforms existing regulations with amendments to the definition of “compulsory school age” enacted by Act 16 of 2019.
3303 6-347 Academic Standards and Assessment
Updates existing science standards, clarifies expectations for high school graduation, and aligns the regulation with statutory changes.
3283 6-346 Certification of Professional Personnel
Aligns existing provisions with statutory changes to the Public School Code and establishes new training requirements related to culturally responsive and sustaining education, structured literacy and professional ethics.
3149 6-333 Strategic Planning
Updates references to strategic plans.
3146 6-336 Nonimmunized Children
Updates regulations pertaining to nonimmunized children.
3076 6-332 Student Attendance
Amends existing regulations pertaining to compulsory school age and attendance requirements.
3064 6-329 Financial Recovery
Identifies criteria the Secretary of Education may consider in determining whether to place a school district in financial recovery status.
2990 6-328 Higher Education - General Provisions
Clarifies that specialized associate degrees may be reported in either clock hours or credit hours.
2976 6-326 Academic Standards and Assessment
Amends existing regulations to reflect Pennsylvania's Common Core Standards in English language arts; address test security concerns; and require students to demonstrate proficiency on the Keystone Exams in order to graduate from high school.
2928 6-325 Safe Schools
Establishes protocols for the reporting and resolution of incidents that occur on school property, at a school sponsored activity, or on a conveyance providing transportation to or from a school or school sponsored activity.
2859 6-322 Academic Standards and Assessment
Revises the Commonwealth's academic standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Mathematics
2767 6-317 Special Education Services and Programs - General Provisions
Aligns Pennsylvania's regulations with the December 1, 2008 version of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act regulations.
2730 6-315 Disciplinary Placements
corrects a reference to federal regulations
2696 6-312 Academic Standards and Assessment
Amends existing provisions relating to academic standards and assessments and requires demonstration of proficiency in academic standards as a high school graduation requirement beginning with the class of 2015.
2684 6-311 Program Approval
Establishes program approval requirements for certain educational programs offered by post-secondary degree-granting institutions in Pennsylvania
2635 6-307 Special Education for Gifted Students
Amends existing regulations pertaining to gifted education programs of school districts.
2618 6-306 Special Education Services and Programs
Aligns Chapter 14 with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, related federal regulations, and applicable provisions of Pennsylvania statute, court decisions and settlement agreements.
2583 6-303 Certification of Professional Personnel
Amends teaching certificates for professional personnel in public schools.
2548 6-302 Foreign Corporation Standards
Establishes the requirements for the operation of post-secondary degree-granting institutions in the Commonwealth that are chartered in another state or country
2543 6-301 Prekindergarten
Amends existing regulations to establish standards and criteria for prekindergarten programs operated by school districts or community agencies under contract with school districts.
2506 6-297 Higher Education General Provisions
Updates and clarifies existing regulations for postsecondary institutions
2502 6-293 Certification of Professional Personnel
General update of certification requirements for teachers, student services personnel, school administrators and other professional personnel
2500 6-296 Academic Standards and Assessment for Career Education and Work
Amends existing regulations to add academic standards in Career Education and Work
2499 6-295 Academic Standards and Assessment
Updates academic standards regarding instruction, graduation, strategic planning and assessment
2367 6-280 Pupil Personnel Services and Students
Addresses students rights and responsibilities in the areas of free education and attendance; discrimination; corporal punishment; exclusions from school; hearings; hair and dress and searches
2350 6-287 Special Education Services and Programs
Precludes a school district and an early intervention agency from requesting a hearing in an attempt to override the parents withholding of consent to begin special ED services
2349 6-279 Pupil Attendance
Updates requirements for admissions to public schools, temporary absences, excusals from public school attendance, applicability and exceptions
2336 6-283 Academic Standards and Assessment for Career Education and Work
Establishes academic standards for career education and work
2285 6-278 Academic Standards and Assessment, High School Graduation Requirements
Deletes the requirement that school districts affix seals to diplomas; requires school districts to issue certificates of proficiency or distinction; requires school districts to include PSSA test scores on student transcripts
2253 6-276 Academic Standards and Assessment for Arts and Humanities; Health, Safety and Physical Education; and Family and Consumer Sciences
Establishes academic standards for elementary and secondary students in the subject areas of arts and humanities; health, safety and physical education; and family and consumer sciences
2252 6-275 Academic Standards and Assessment for Civics and Government; Economics; Geography and History
Amends Chapter 4 by adding academic standards in civics and government, economics, geography and history
2187 6-273 Academic Standards and Assessment for Science and Technology and Environment and Ecology
Establishes standards for science and technology and environment and ecology
2144 6-270 Special Education Services and Programs
Establishes procedures for the identification of children with disabilities and procedures for the delivery of special education services and programs
1986 6-266 Gifted Education; Special Education Services and Programs
Establishes Chapter 16 to provide identification services and programs for gifted students
1973 6-265 Academic Standards and Assessment
Establishes academic standards for reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics
1966 6-261 College and University Security
Requires colleges and universities to maintain daily campus crime logs
1947 6-263 Program Standards and Eligibility Criteria for the Higher Education Equal Opportunity Act
Revises the eligibility criteria for Act 101 programs
1840 6-260 Special Education Services and Programs
Amends existing extended school year services for students who lose or do not recover behavioral patterns or skills after an interruption in education programs
1827 6-258 Certification of Professional Personnel
Establishes program and certificate principles, modifies the assessment program for certification, and streamlines supervisory and administrative certificates
1345 6-234 Special Education Services and Programs - Chapter 14
1338 6-392 Nursing Facility Pooling
1337 6-237 School Profiles, Curriculum and Vo-Tech Education
1328 6-232 Student Learning Outcomes
1266 6-227 School Profiles, Curriculum and Vocational-Technical Education
1265 6-224 Equal Education Opportunity
1261 6-228 Certification of Professional Personnel for Educators
1198 6-223 Revision of Chapter 31
1174 6-222 Higher Education Equal Opportunity Act
1141 6-220 Special Education Services and Programs
1064 6-116 Protected Handicapped Students
0971 6-112 Standards for Special Education Services and Programs
0970 6-111 Special Education Services and Programs
0950 6-110 Criminal History Background Checks
0931 6-109 Pupil Transportation
0814 6-94 Intermediate Units
0712 6-106 Pupil Attendance
0627 6-92 Chap. 35: Community Colleges
0609 6-91 Certification of Professional Personnel
0607 6-89 Chapter 31: General Provisions
0598 6-47 Chap. 40: Institutional Approval
0585 6-96 AIDS Regulations
0531 6-87 Chapter 34: Branch Campuses for State-Supported Institutions
0429 6-63 Pupil Attendance
0290 6-81 Equal Education Opportunity and Branch Campuses
0289 6-72 Institutional and Program Approval
0101 6-64 Curriculum Requirements Chapter 5