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Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3387 57-340 Initiative to Review and Revise the Existing Low-Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) Regulations at 52 Pa.Code §§ 58.1—58.18
Updates and clarifies the Low Income Usage Reduction Program regulations.
3355 57-334 Use of Fully Projected Future Test Year, 52 Pa. Code Chapter 53.51-53.56a
Adds filing requirements for a fully projected future test year (FPFTY) and amends filing requirements for historic test year (HTY) and future test year (FTY) cases.
3350 57-336 Proposed Water Audit Methodology Regulation 52 Pa. Code  65.20a--Water Conservation Measures
Establishes water conservation measures as regulatory obligations for all water public utilities; requires reporting of unaccounted for water by Class A, B and C water public utilities and each municipal corporation providing jurisdictional water service; and establishes a water loss audit obligation for Class A public water utilities.
3349 57-337 Application of 52 Pa. Code Section 3.501 to Certificated Water and Wastewater Utility Acquisitions, Mergers, and Transfers
Streamlines requirements for established utilities that seek to acquire another water service provider or wastewater service provider and reduces requirements that are no longer necessary.
3330 57-335 Rulemaking Regarding Hazardous Liquid Public Utility Safety Standards at 52 Pa. Code Chapter 59; Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Establishes design and construction standards for hazardous liquid public utilities constructing new pipelines and converting, relocating, replacing or otherwise changing existing pipelines, and also sets forth standards for reporting, pressure testing, operations and maintenance, qualification of personnel, and corrosion control.
3304 57-332 Diversity Reporting for Major Jurisdictional Utilities; Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Requires major jurisdictional utilities to annually report the progress of their respective diversity programs to the PA PUC in a standardized manner.
3298 57-330 Rulemaking to Implement Act 120 of 2018
Establishes a program for the removal of customer-owned lead service lines and establishes the standard under which a jurisdictional wastewater utility may seek to replace, rehabilitate or repair customer-owned damaged wastewater service laterals.
3297 57-331 Rulemaking to Comply with the Competitive Classification of Telecommunication Retail Services Under 66 Pa. C.S Section 3016(a); General Review of Regulations 52 Pa. Code Chapters 53, 63 and 64
Amends existing regulations to respond to changes in competitive market conditions in the telecommunications industry.
3244 57-326 Rulemaking Regarding Depreciation Reporting and Capital Planning for Crude Oil, Gasoline or Petroleum Products Transportation Pipelines
Removes the current reporting exemption for crude oil, gasoline and petroleum products transportation pipeline public utilities.
3214 57-323 Assumption of Commission Jurisdiction Over Pole Attachments from the Federal Communications Commission
Adopts the pole attachment regulations as promulgated and as may be amended by the FCC.
3204 57-320 Minimum Insurance Requirements for Motor Carriers of Passengers
Amends minimum insurance coverage requirements for motor common carriers of passengers.
3201 57-319 Electricity Generation Customer Choice
Amends customer information disclosure regulations.
3185 57-317 Motor Carrier Age Requirement
Reduces the minimum age for paratransit drivers from 21 to 18 in limited circumstances.
3161 57-315 Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Public Utility Service
Amends existing regulations to implement the Responsible Customer Protection Act.
3135 57-312 Reduce Barriers to Entry for Passenger Motor Carriers
Eliminates the requirement that an applicant for passenger carrier authority demonstrate that the proposed service is responsive to a public demand or need.
3132 57-313 Electric Safety Regulations
Amends and expands existing regulations to facilitate safety inspections of electric distribution facilities.
3131 57-311 Steam Heat Distribution System Safety Regulations
Amends and expands existing steam regulations to facilitate safety inspections of steam distribution facilities.
3101 57-309 Customer Information Disclosure Requirements for Natural Gas Suppliers Providing Natural Gas Supply to Residential and Small Business Customers
Amends customer information disclosure regulations.
3088 57-307 Automatic Adjustment Clauses Related to Electric Default Service
Establishes a symmetrical rate of interest to be applied to over and under collections of utilities' actual costs and revenues collected through automatic adjustment clauses regarding electric default service.
3087 57-308 Paper Billing Fees
Prohibits tariff provisions that charge customers a fee to receive a paper bill.
3061 57-304 Implementation of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act of 2004
Amends existing regulations to comply with Act 35 of 2007 and Act 129 of 2008, and clarifies issues of law, administrative procedure and policy.
3059 57-303 Electronic Access to Pre-Served Testimony
Sets forth the procedures to be followed for electronic submission of testimony.
3054 57-306 Amending Regulations Regarding Standards for Changing a Customer's Electricity Generation Supplier
Addresses the process for transferring a customer's account from a default service provider to a competitive electric supplier and from one supplier to another.
3053 57-305 Amending Regulations Regarding Disclosure Statement for Residential and Small Business Customers and the Provision of Notices of Contract Expiration or Changes in Terms for Residential and Small Business Customers
Amends the disclosure statement for residential and small business customers and provides for notices of contract expiration or changes in terms for those customers.
3041 57-298 Household Goods in Use Carriers and Property Carriers
Amends existing regulations to eliminate the requirement that applicants for authority establish a public demand or need for service and modifies insurance requirements.
3038 57-297 Recovery of Fuel Costs by Gas Utilities
Revises and streamlines information and procedures small gas utilities use when submitting gas cost rate filings.
3033 57-296 Motor Carrier Vehicle List and Vehicle Age Requirements
Eliminates the vehicle list requirements for taxis and limousines; eliminates the waiver exception for vehicle age limitation for taxis; and replaces the vehicle age limitation for limousines with a mileage requirement.
3032 57-294 Review of Long Term Infrastructure Improvement Plan
Sets forth requirements for Long-Term Infrastructure Improvement Plans to ensure that utilities are planning and executing expenditures that will maintain and improve safety, adequacy and reliability of existing distribution infrastructure.
3007 57-293 Paper Copy and Electronic Copy Filing Requirements
Amends existing regulations pertaining to filing requirements.
2984 57-290 Rules of Practice and Procedure
Amends existing practice and procedure rules for attorneys representing persons and companies with business before the Public Utility Commission.
2977 57-289 Establishing a Uniform Definition and Metrics for Unaccounted-For-Gas
Establishes a uniform definition and methodology for calculating and reporting unaccounted-for-gas and proposes a maximum allowed recovery for unaccounted-for-gas.
2950 57-277 Meter Location
Allows natural gas utilities to have sole determination for meter and regulator location and requires current inside regulators to be relocated to the outside except in historic districts and high risk vandalism districts.
2938 57-288 Licensing Requirements for Natural Gas Suppliers
Revises regulations pertaining to natural gas suppliers.
2929 57-287 Code of Conduct
Provides safeguards against cross-subsidization between electric distribution companies and their affiliated electric generation suppliers.
2916 57-286 Railroad Transportation
Updates existing regulations to reflect technological and operational changes and federal law.
2915 57-283 Marketing and Sales Practices for the Retail Residential Energy Market
Sets forth regulations on marketing strategies and sales techniques for electric generation suppliers and natural gas suppliers to ensure fairness and integrity in the competitive market and eliminate confusion on behalf of customers.
2887 57-281 Liquid Fuels Pipeline Regulations
Incorporates federal regulations relating to liquid fuels and hazardous materials pipelines.
2877 57-278 Call Recording for Telephone Companies
Establishes conditions under which jurisdictional telephone utilities could record customer communications for training and quality of service purposes.
2837 57-273 Default Service Regulations
Updates existing regulations to be consistent with amendments to authorizing statute.
2825 57-267 Streamlining the Rate Increase Procedures for Small Motor Carriers
Streamlines the current procedures for rate increase requests submitted by motor passenger carriers with gross operating revenues less than $500,000.
2822 57-271 Utilities; Service Outage Response and Restoration Practices
Amends existing regulations pertaining to service outage and restoration in the electric, gas and water industries.
2798 57-268 Natural Gas Distribution Company; Business Practices
Establishes common business practices for the statewide retail natural gas markets.
2772 57-269 Natural Gas Distribution Companies and the Promotion of Competitive Retail Markets
Adds a subchapter to address issues pertaining to retail competition in the natural gas supply market.
2754 57-266 Licensing Requirements for Natural Gas Suppliers
Implements the statutory requirement for licensing retail natural gas suppliers.
2743 57-265 Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Utility Services
Amends existing regulations to implement the Responsible Utility Customer Protection Act
2725 57-262 Household Goods in Use Carrier
amends the definition of "household goods in use."
2724 57-264 Net Metering and Interconnection
Establishes the type and size of customer-owned electric generators that can be interconnected with the electric distribution company's distribution grid and the electric compensation paid to the customers for the energy they supply to the grid
2688 57-261 Telecommunications Relay Service System and Relay Service Fund
Codifies an existing policy statement to ensure adequate telecommunications relay service fund balances, timely remittance of fund revenues, and cooperation with fund audits.
2674 57-257 Universal Services and Energy Conservation Reporting Requirements and Customer Assistance Programs
Establishes a unified process for universal service funding for natural gas distribution & electric distribution companies.
2673 57-260 Abbreviated Procedure for Review of Transfer of Control and Affiliate Filings for Telecommunications Carriers
Establishes provisions for review and action on mergers and stock transactions in the telecommunications industry.
2651 57-256 Implementation of the Public Utility Confidential Security Information Disclosure Protection Act
Implements CSI Act (Act 156 of 2006) by establishing requirements and procedures for handling confidential security information of public utilities
2649 57-258 Electronic Filing
Amends procedural regulations to accommodate electronic filing of certain documents without also filing paper copies.
2648 57-255 Retail Electricity Choice Activity Reports
Requires electric distribution companies and electric generation suppliers to report information by customer group relating to sales activity.
2591 57-251 Provision of Bundled Service Package Plans at a Single Monthly Rate by Local Exchange Carriers
Eliminates the need for administrative review and approval of a waiver from separate billing requirements.
2571 57-248 Inspection and Maintenance Standards for the Electric Distribution Companies
Establishes specific minimum inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement requirements for infrastructure (poles, wires, conduits and other fixtures)
2570 57-249 Service Interruption
Adds a definition of "service interruption" for water utilities.
2569 57-252 Implementation of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act of 2004
Establishes standards for electric distribution companies and electric generation suppliers to comply with the mandate to increase reliance on alternative energy systems.
2534 57-242 Extended Area Service
Establishes when Extended Area Service may convert instate toll calling areas to a local call
2533 57-247 PUC Filing and Reporting Requirements on Local Exchange Carriers
Streamlines the Local Exchange Carrier reporting requirements by eliminating certain reports
2524 57-245 Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards; Interconnection Standards for Customer-Generators
Establishes procedures for "customer generators" to connect to utility distribution links
2519 57-244 Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards
Establishes net metering requirements in accordance with the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act (Act 213 of 2004)
2512 57-239 Regulation of Interexchange Carriers and Services
Implements the provisions of Act 183 of 2004 related to interexchange telecommunications carriers
2511 57-238 Gas Service; Safety Code
Modifies current language so that future amendments to 49 CFR Parts 191-193 and 199 are automatically adopted by the PUC
2463 57-237 Provisions of Default Service
Defines the obligation of electric distribution companies to serve retail customers at the conclusion of their respective transition periods.
2460 57-227A Regarding Preservation of Records
Inserts a 20-year retention period for "journal vouchers and journal entries."
2441 57-236 Practice and Procedure Before the Commission
Delineates the form and content of applications and pleadings, filing deadlines, discovery rules, emergency order procedures and filing exceptions
2410 57-233 Passenger Service and Property and Household Goods Carriers
Updates and clarifies regulations governing common carriers of passengers and property.
2404 57-234 Public Utility Security Planning and Readiness
Requires utilities to develop and maintain written physical, cyber security, emergency response and business continuity plans
2400 57-229 Permanent Standards of Conduct
Establishes binding standards of conduct to govern the relationships between natural gas distribution companies and affiliated natural gas supplies
2394 57-230 Changing Local Service Providers
Establishes rules, procedures and standards to ensure consumers are able to migrate between local telephone service providers without delay or interruption of their basic telephone service.
2393 57-232 Establishing Local Service Provider Abandonment Process for Jurisdictional Telecommunications Companies
Establishes rules, procedures and standards for when a local telephone service provider abandons local telephone service
2363 57-228 Electric Service Reliability
Amends regulations by establishing performance and benchmarking standards and adds quarterly reporting requirements
2339 57-227 Electric and Gas Utility Record Retention
Revises and streamlines record retention requirements for electric utilities (electric distribution companies) and gas utilities (natural gas distribution companies)
2328 57-223 Filing Requirements Relating to Water and Wastewater Public Utilities
Updates rate change filing requirements for water and wastewater public utilities involving rate changes in excess of $1 million
2266 57-224 Generic Competitive Safeguards
Establishes competitive safeguards to promote competition in the provision of telecommunications products and services
2247 57-225 Street Railway Transportation
Repeals existing regulations governing street railway transportation in the Commonwealth
2213 57-222 Financial Reporting Requirements for All Telecommunications Carriers
Amends the existing definitions of telephone utility classes; allows competitive carriers flexibility in the use of accounting procedures and amends reporting requirements
2172 57-218 Natural Gas Emergency Plans and Emergency Actions
Establishes procedures to minimize gas supply shortfalls in crisis situations and gives notice to the public concerning usage reduction
2125 57-217 Licensing Requirements for Natural Gas Suppliers
Establishes application and performance requirements for natural gas suppliers
2116 57-215 Customer Information Disclosure Requirements for Natural Gas Distribution Companies and Natural Gas Suppliers
Implements the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act of 1999 by establishing the application and performance requirements for entities licensed as Natural Gas Suppliers in PA
2104 57-214 Universal Service Fund
Establishes competitive bidding requirements for choosing an independent third-party administrator and a fund auditor to implement an intrastate telecommunications Universal Service Fund (USF) in PA
2094 57-212 Reporting Requirements for Universal Service and Energy Conservation Programs
Establishes standard reporting requirements for universal service and energy conservation programs
2093 57-213 Reporting Requirements for Quality of Gas Service Benchmarks and Standards
Establishes uniform measures and reporting requirements to allow the PUC to monitor the level of NGDC's customer service performance
2082 57-210 Competitive Safeguards for Telecommunications Utilities
Establishes competitive safeguards for incumbent local exchange companies to prevent unfair competition, discriminatory access and improper cross subsidization of competitive services
2080 57-211 Procedures to Ensure Customer Consent to a Change of Natural Gas Supplier
Establishes procedures to ensure that natural gas distribution companies don't change a gas customer's natural gas supplier without oral or written confirmation
2078 57-209 Updating and Revising Existing Filing Requirement
Amends the PUCs tariff filing regulations to decrease the regulatory burden on telecommunications providers
2067 57-207 Natural Gas Choice and Competition
Implements changes required by the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act for recovery of natural gas costs
2036 57-204 Cramming and Slamming
Standardizes local exchange company responses to customer complaints on slamming and cramming
2028 57-203 Annual Resource Report Filing Requirements
Reduces the amount of information electric distribution companies are required to provide in the Annual Resource Planning Report
2013 57-198 Reporting Requirements Relating to the Submission of Gas Supply and Demand Data
Consolidates existing gas supply and demand data reporting requirements
1946 57-196 Motor Carrier Property Applications
Deletes existing requirements that new motor carrier applications be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin
1945 57-195 Competitive Safeguards for the Electric Industry
Establishes competitive safeguards for interaction between electric distribution companies, electric generation suppliers and customers
1944 57-189 Passenger Carrier Insurance
Clarifies the minimum amount of third party liability insurance required for passenger carriers transporting fewer than sixteen passengers
1919 57-193 Reporting Requirements for Universal Service and Energy Conservation Programs
Establishes reporting requirements for universal services and energy conservation programs
1918 57-187 Customer Information Disclosure for Electricity Providers
Establishes procedures and requirements for electric distribution companies, electricity suppliers, marketers and brokers to provide adequate and accurate customer information
1917 57-192 Reporting Requirements for Quality of Service Benchmarks and Standards
Establishes standard measurement and reporting requirements regarding the customer service performance of electric distribution companies
1916 57-188 Adjustment of Electric Distribution Company Rates for Changes in State Tax Liability
Establishes filing requirements for electric distribution companies to recover changes in their state tax liability during the transition to competition
1915 57-191 Licensing Requirements for Electric Generation Suppliers
Establishes licensing requirements for electric generation suppliers
1914 57-190 Advanced Meter Deployment for Electricity
Establishes uniform procedures, standards and education strategies for customer selection of a Qualified Advanced Meter or installation of a Qualified Advanced Meter Network
1894 57-186 Electronic Transaction Auditing of Telephone Customer Proprietary Information
Requires specific recordkeeping requirements when a telephone company accesses a customers records or when it divulges customer information to an outside party
1893 57-185 Electric Service Reliability Standards
Establishes standards and procedures for assessing the reasonableness of electric service reliability and its safety in Pennsylvania
1892 57-184 Standards for Changing Customer's Electric Supplier
Establishes rules for selection of an electric generation supplier to protect customers from unauthorized change of supplier or "slamming"
1832 57-183 Perfection of Security Interests in Intangible Transition Property
Establishes the process for perfection of security interests in intangible transition property.
1795 57-179 Residential Low Income Usage Reduction Programs
Deletes the ten-year limitation on the LIURP program and makes minor modifications.
1794 57-163 Obsolete Regulations Concerning Electric Service
Eliminates obsolete provisions including gas and electric utility sales promotion practices and electric utility record maintenance requirements; revises procedures for exemptions from electric underground installation requirements
1793 57-178 Gas Utility Filing Requirements
Proposes to add 52 PA Code Chapter 54 Subchapter C, relating to rate case filing requirements for natural gas utility filing requirements for general rate increase requests in excess of $1 million
1792 57-177 Electric Utility Filing Requirements
Proposes to add 52 Pa Code Chapter 54 Subchapter A & B, relating to rate change filing requirements for electric utility filing requirements for general rate increase requests in excess of $1 million
1773 57-173 Termination of Utility Service to Health Care Facilities
Mandates that utilities provide a 37-day advance notice to health care facilities before terminating service.
1764 57-176 Natural Gas Supply Emergency Planning
Requires gas utilities to file emergency plans to deal with supply shortages of natural gas
1763 57-174 Reseller Location Surcharge Price Cap
Establishes a price cap of $1 on the location surcharge a reseller may charge a customer at institutions or pay phones
1750 57-171 Standards and Billing Practices
Updates regulations concerning complaint procedures, terminations, and billing procedures
1746 57-170 Residential Telephone Service
Eliminates obsolete provisions and complies with the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996
1745 57-172 Meter Tests
Amends gas meter testing requirements and adds this new alternative testing programs.
1744 57-167 Rescission of Obsolete Regulations Regarding Motor Carriers; Amendment of Medallion Program
Amendments rescind some obsolete provisions and update others relating to motor carriers of passengers and property. It also prohibits Philadelphia taxicab drivers from discriminating against a person with a disability in street hail situations.
1740 57-168 Wastewater Utilities
Updates the existing regulations to current industry terminology by replacing the word "sewer" with "wastewater."
1739 57-169 Water Service
Deletes requirements for replacing water meters being replaced by remote reading devices and changes the system of accounts for regulated water utilities.
1733 57-166 Motor Carriers of Property
Excises economic regulation of motor carriers of property, and deletes the filing of annual reports requirement for both motor carriers of passengers and property.
1723 57-164 Obsolete Regulations
Revises and rescinds obsolete and excessive gas service regulations
1678 57-162 Universal Service Funding Mechanism
1645 57-160 Radio Common Carriers
Clarifies the effect of the federal governments preemption of certain aspects of state regulation of the radio carrier field
1635 57-157 Electric Energy Emergency Notification Procedures
Establishes procedures for electric utilities to notify and inform the PUC of energy-related emergencies.
1629 57-153 Taxicab Medallion Program
This regulation amends sections pertaining to equipment and reporting requirements and adds new enforcement and administrative provisions.
1627 57-155 Interexchange Telecommunication Carriers
Establishes new procedures for partial deregulation of long distance telecommunications services pursuant to Act 67 of 1993.
1626 57-156 Revision of Rules of Administrative Practice & Procedure
Amendments comprehensively update the PUC's Administrative Practice and Procedure rules. Updates & amends the PUC's rules of administrative practice & procedures by making changes to approximately 100 sections.
1606 57-152 Line Extensions
Establishes a standard for when a customer may be required to contribute to the costs of a line extension for water utility service.
1595 57-151 Public Utility Depreciation Practices and Capital Planning
The PUC will add a new chapter to its regulations to require large electric, gas, water, and local exchange telephone utilities to file annual depreciation reports, service life reports and capital investment plans.
1593 57-149 Small Water and Sewer Company Rate Methodologies
Allows small water and wastewater utilities to use an operating ratio to establish rates and also allows small utilities to establish funds to pay for future projects.
1581 57-150 Gas Transportation Tariffs
Updates the regulations for gas transportation services provided by local distribution companies.
1580 57-145 Competitive Bidding
Requires electric utilities to obtain future energy and capacity requirements from either utility or nonutility sources through competitive bidding. Implements competitive bidding process for electric utilities in need of addt'l generating capacity
1579 57-144 Limousine Service Supplemental
Amends the PUC's limousine service regulation to clarify requirements applicable to "luxury type vehicles" and "limousines."
1538 57-135 Interexchange Resellers
Replaces current notice requirements for the surcharge added to the charge for a collect call made
1529 57-136 Section 1307(f) Filing Requirements
To modify reporting requirements associated with gas cost rate (GCR) and to allow interim changes in each utility's GCR to reflect changing gas costs.
1528 57-133 Residential Service
Establishes a prepayment program for electric utility service, changes the interest rate for deposits of payment and requires utilities to provide prior notification of termination for unauthorized use of utility service.
1527 57-132 First Class City Taxicab Medallion Regulations; Driver Training
Establishes a safety education program for Philadelphia taxicab drivers under the Medallion Act
1526 57-130 Consumer Advisory Council
Updates council membership and term provisions for the Consumer Advisory Council
1525 57-127 Motor Carrier Safety
Brings Pennsylvania motor carrier safety rules into conformity with Federal rules.
1467 57-129 Integrated Resource Planning for Electric Utilities
To consolidate and enhance all reporting requirements related to electric utility demand and supply planning
1466 57-126 Integrated Resource Planning for Gas Utilities
Consolidates the reporting requirements for natural gas utilities.
1432 57-123 Local Exchange Carrier Reporting Regulations
Amends the residential telephone account reporting requirements for local exchange carriers (LECS).
1431 57-122 Interexchange
Requires that public credit card telephones be converted to two-way service.
1430 57-121 Public Coin Telephone Service
Amends coin telephone regulation, particularly the rates for local directory assistance
1429 57-120 Termination of Utility Service to Health Care Facilities
Mandates that utilities provide advance notice to health care facilities, as well as to agencies that regulate the facilities, prior to termination of service to such a facility.
1390 57-118 Railroad Transportation Revisions
The regulation would delete standards for the operation of railroads in the Commonwealth
1389 57-117 Extended Area Service
1355 57-114 Low Income Usage Reduction Programs
1354 57-112 Limousine Service
1340 57-113 Utility Technical Advisory Council
1335 57-111 Public Utility Earnings
1334 57-110 Notice of New Tariffs and Tariff Changes
Establishes pre-filing notice before rate change filings and revises customer notification
1189 57-108 Confidentiality of Customer Communications and Information
1160 57-104 Sales Promotional Practices of Electric & Gas Utilities
1135 57-103 First Class City Taxicab Regulations
1134 57-102 Line Extensions Tariff Provisions of Local Exchange Carriers
1133 57-101 Fixed Pressure Factor Measurement
1132 57-99 Interexchange Service Providers and Telecommunications Resellers
1126 57-106 Review of Electronically Recorded Testimony
1125 57-105 Extended Area Service
1091 57-100 First Class City Taxicabs - Medallion
1048 57-98 Minimum Threshold for Natural Gas Transportation
1032 57-97 Demand Meter Testing
0953 57-95 Effect of Failure to File Exceptions or Appeal
0952 57-94 Contesting Medical Certification
0853 57-92 Informal Investigation
0838 57-89 Schedule of Fees
0794 57-87 Practice and Procedure Before the Commission
0775 57-86 Passenger Carrier Insurance
0774 57-84 Property and Passenger Financial Reports
0773 57-31 Motor Carrier Annual Reports
0659 57-81 Repeal of the PUC's Outdoor Gas Lighting Regulations
0657 57-78 Extended Area Service
0656 57-77 Commercial 7 Apartment Conservation Service Program
0644 57-80 System of Accounts for Telephone Utilities
0629 57-75 Amendments to Regs. Governing Reporting of Accidents Involving Property Damage
0628 57-69 Transportation Applications; Miscellaneous Amendments
0592 57-73 Exemption of Limousines from Marking Requirements
0588 57-70 Least Cost Planning Strategies for Electric Utilities
0587 57-72 Coin Telephone Service
0576 57-71 Stnds. and Billing Procedures for Residential Telephone Service
0563 57-68 Time for Filing Appeals Under the Informal Complaint Process
0558 57-67 Motor Carrier Self-Insurance Regulations
0557 57-65 Advertisement by Common Carriers; Inclusion of Certificates Numbers
0544 57-64 Telephone Quality Service Stnds.
0543 57-63 Residential Low Income Usage Reductions Programs
0542 57-62 Amendments to the PUC's Electric Meter Regulations
0541 57-61 Proposed Revisions to 52 Pa. Code < 53.45
0540 57-60 Reporting of Accidents Involving Property Damage
0539 57-59 Leasing of Equipment by Motor Carriers of Property
0538 57-58 Proposed Revisions to 52 Pa. Code < 53.53
0537 57-57 Revisions to Increases to Operating Revenues, Applications for Discontinuances & Registration of Intrastate Authority
0536 57-53 Construction Costs of Electric Generating Stations
0462 57-41 Energy Cost Rate Fuel Adjustment Mechanism
0461 57-55 Guide Dogs
0456 57-51 Temporary Authority & Emergency Temporary Authority Applications
0455 57-54 Amend. to the Comm. Rules of Practice & Procedure Special Comm. Actions, Emergency Relief
0453 57-56 Proposed Regs. Governing Intrastate Natural gas Trans. Rates and Service
0391 57-49 Upgrading of Coal-Fired Generation Units
0390 57-40 Pole Attachments
0378 57-48 Tariff Filing Requirements for Changes in Terms or Conditions of Service
0377 57-47 Amendments to the PUC's Gas Service Regulations
0339 57-46 Remote Meter Reading Devices
0338 57-45 Building Energy Conservation
0337 57-44 Proposed Changes to Water Meter Regulations
0320 57-43 Investigation upon Commission into Pole Removal and Relocation Charges and Practices of Jurisdictional Electric Utilities and Related Procedures - Line Extensions
0282 57-41 Energy Cost Rate Fuel Adjustment Tariff Mechanism
0276 57-38 Investigation upon Commission Motion into pole removal and relocation charges and practive of jurisdictional electric utilities and related procedures
0263 57-39 Recovery of Gas Costs by Gas Utilities
0244 57-7 Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Phone Service
0235 57-37 Commercial and Apartment Conservation Service Program
0234 57-36 Limit on Ban Against Promotional Advertising of Natural Gas
0198 57-35 General Provisions Regulation
0183 57-34 Revisions of Filing Requirements for Electric Utilities
0182 57-31 Amendments to PUC's Regulations to Establish Requirements for Filing Annual Conservation Reports & Establish a Common Evaluating Method
0181 57-33 Revisions to PUC's Standards & Billing Practices for Residential Utility Service Regulations
0162 57-30 Rules of Practice and Procedures
0149 57-28 Proposed Revisions to the Commission's Electric Service Regulation
0148 57-27 Revision of Accounting Procedures & Ratemaking Treatment of Expenditures mad for Repainting Water Storage Tanks
0139 57-29 Gas Safety Regulations
0107 57-23 Safety Code for Transp. of Property & Passengers; Motor Carriers of Passengers; Motor Carrier of Property Transport
0106 57-22 Proposal to Roll the St Tax Adjustment Surcharge & Gross Receipts Tax Rider into Base Rate
0083 57-17 Rules and Charges for the Detention of Motor Vehicles
0082 57-18 Transportation of Blind or Deaf persons with Guide Dogs
0081 57-19 Underground Telephone and Electric Wiring Regulations for New Residential Development
0042 57-13 Proof of Compliance with Building Energy Conservation Standards
0030 57-10 Revision of Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Utilities
0029 57-14 Philadelphia Taxicab Zones
0028 57-15 Temporary Authority and Emergency Temporary Authority