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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3395 54-92 Distilleries
3376 54-99 Duties and Rights of Licensees
Updates existing provisions relating to employees of licensees.
3375 54-103 Hearings by Teleconference
Codifies the Board’s and the Office of Administrative Law Judge’s existing practices for conducting hearings, including the use of virtual hearings.
3372 54-104 Duties and Rights of Licensees
Amends existing regulations relating to the duties and rights of licensees under Subchapter C pertaining to Amusements and Entertainment.
3345 54-96 Promotion with Licensees
Updates the process by which licensed vendors may promote products with licensees.
3323 54-95 Limited Wineries
Moves regulations pertaining to limited wineries from Chapters 3, 5 and 11 to a new subchapter in Chapter 5 and updates the regulations to make them more consistent with the Liquor Code.
3299 54-102 Purchases, Sales and Returns; General Provisions
Updates existing regulations to eliminate obsolete provisions and eliminate a $50.00 minimum purchase requirement for holders of a Wholesale Liquor Purchase Permit Card.
3255 54-101 Cleaning of Malt or Brewed Beverage Dispensing Systems
Updates regulations relating to the cleaning of malt or brewed beverage dispensing systems.
3236 54-90 Responsible Alcohol Management Program
Updates existing regulations to implement recent legislative changes, clarify what constitutes RAMP certification, and clarify requirements for online training providers and classroom instructors.
3224 54-93 Proof of Recycling
Establishes what constitutes "proof in writing" relating to participation in recycling programs.
3178 54-98 Transportation of Liquor, Malt or Brewed Beverages or Alcohol
Amends the minimum size requirement for lettering that must appear on vehicles used to transport liquor or malt or brewed beverages from four inches to two inches.
3175 54-97 Intermunicipal Transfer of Retail Licenses
Amends existing regulations relating to intermunicipal transfer of retail liquor and eating place retail dispenser licenses to be consistent with Act 155 of 2006.
3170 54-91 Return of Liquor
Provides direction to licensees and permittees for returning liquor to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and clarifies existing regulations pertaining to liquor and malt or brewed beverages.
3142 54-89 Distributors Accepting Credit Cards from Licensees
Authorizes malt or brewed beverage distributors and importing distributors to accept credit cards as payment from licensees.
3123 54-86 Management Contracts
Eliminates the blanket prohibition of a pecuniary interest being held by a management company.
3117 54-85 Limited Wineries
Amends existing regulations to make them consistent with the Liquor Code.
3098 54-84 Right To Occupy
Amends existing regulations to reflect that an applicant may establish its right to occupy proposed licensed premises through a means other than a lease or deed.
3095 54-83 Posting Requirements for Extension
Increases the time period during which an application to extend licensed premises must be posted at the premises from 15 days to 30 days.
3094 54-69 Discount Pricing Practices
Amends provisions relating to discount pricing practices to be consistent with amendments to the Liquor Code.
3093 54-79 Responsible Alcohol Management Program
Allows third parties to create their own curriculums for the Responsible Alcohol Management Program and submit them for Bureau of Alcohol Education approval.
3086 54-81 Economic Development Licenses
Sets forth criteria for an applicant to demonstrate it has exhausted reasonable means to find a suitable license within the existing county quota law.
3082 54-80 Breweries
Clarifies the privileges of breweries with regard to on-premises consumption of the malt or brewed beverages produced on the licensed premises.
3027 54-76 Sale by Limited Winery Licensees
Allows licensed limited wineries to sell their wines at prices lower than the Board's prices for the same items.
3026 54-74 Conversion of Suspension to Fine
Increases the minimum fines that can be imposed when the Board is asked to convert an unserved suspension into a fine.
3023 54-77 Repeals
Rescinds an obsolete section of the Board's regulations.
3018 54-75 Municipal Noise Ordinances
Rescinds references to the Board's noise regulations and replaces them with references to the Liquor Code.
2999 54-73 Sale by Licensed Limited Distilleries and Distilleries
Permits licensed limited distilleries to deliver their products directly to consumers, retail licensees or the Board.
2974 54-72 Prize Limits for Events, Tournaments and Contests
Increases the prize limits for qualifying self-sponsored events, tournaments and contests that occur on retail licensed premises.
2945 54-71 Limited Winery Container Size Restrictions
Removes the container size restrictions imposed upon licensed limited wineries.
2936 54-70 Office of Administrative Law Judge; Payment of Fees and Fines
Allows administrative fees to be paid by a variety of means.
2913 54-68 Limited Wineries
Amends reporting requirements for licensed limited wineries.
2912 54-67 Connection With Other Business
Amends existing regulations to reflect the fact that certain businesses, licensed by both the PA Liquor Control Board and the PA Gaming Control Board, intend to keep their liquor licenses and their gaming licenses in different subsidiaries.
2911 54-66 Brewery Pubs
Amends existing regulations to allow a brewery pub to sell beer produced and owned by the brewery with which it is licensed, without regard to the location in Pennsylvania where the beer is produced.
2714 54-65 Promotion of Sale of Liquor by Vendors
permits vendors of luxury items to process orders from both the Board and from licensees or other persons
2660 54-60 Responsible Alcohol Management Program
Establishes the Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP)
2657 54-64 Licenses; Promotions
Several amendments related to the points system, appointment of managers, license transfers upon death, safekeeping of licenses and tasting events in stores.
2613 54-63 License Application and Management Contracts
Amends various sections of the Board's existing regulations and adds two subchapters pertaining to management contracts and tax clearance.
2515 54-60 Responsible Alcohol Management Program
2477 54-62 Point System for Certain Licensees
Implements Section 479 of the Liquor Code which established a system of assigning points to liquor licenses
2468 54-61 Revisions to Codify Practices and Procedures Resulting from Legislative Amendments
Clarifies and establishes provisions for establishments serving food, gift cards, Sunday sales, wine events, incentive programs and noise exemptions
2447 54-60 Responsible Alcohol Management Program
2411 54-59 Revisions to Codify Practices and Procedures Resulting from Legislative Amendments
Amends Board regulations to reflect current practice and to address legislative changes to the Liquor Code
2313 54-57 Responsible Alcohol Management
Implements a responsible alcohol management program for restaurants, beer only restaurants, clubs, catering clubs, distributors and importing distributors
2301 54-58 Chapter 9. Transportation, Importation, Disposition and Storage
Permits transporter-for-hire to contract with non-licensed contractors and deletes an outdated out-of-service vehicle provision
2286 54-58 Chapter 9 - Transportation, Importation, Disposition and Storage
Permits transporters-for-hire to contract with non-licensed contractors and deletes an outdated out-of-service vehicle provision
2229 54-57 Responsible Alcohol Management
Implements a responsible alcohol management program for restaurants, beer only restaurants, clubs, catering clubs, distributors and importing distributors
2076 54-56 Vendor Registration and New Year's Eve Meal Package
Eliminates registration of and issuance of identification cards to vendors agents and permits hotels to offer an open bar with a meal package on New Year's Eve 1999
2066 54-55 Licensees and Vendors
Makes a number of corrections and revisions to the Liquor Code, including allowing hotels to offer an open bar with a meal package on New Year's Eve, 1999
1951 54-54 Wine in Kegs; Sale by Limited Winery Licensees
Permits the sale of sparkling grape wines in glass containers larger than 5 liters
1920 54-53 Promotion
Establishes guidelines for routine business entertainment
1904 54-52 120 Day Rule
Implements the 120 day rule for wholesale discounts of malt and brewed beverage.
1895 54-51 License Applications: Duties/Rights Licensee; Transfer, Extension, Surrender, Exchange of Licenses; Promotion; Spec Rules Admin Practice/Proc Rg Matters before Off Admin Law Judge
Clarifies duties of licensees, prohibits licensee from conducting another business on licensed premises without LCB approval, and reduces reporting requirements for nonprofit club licensees
1815 54-50 Numerous Revisions
Proposes to eliminate burdensome, unnecessary and obsolete requirements.
1781 54-48 I.D. Cards/Sunday Sales/Advertising Displays
Delete provisions in Chapter 11 relating to Board-issued age identification cards and amend provisions in Chapters 11 & 13 relating to Sunday sales permits and size and cost limits on advertising displays.
1699 54-47 Events, Tournaments and Contests
Allows businesses with a liquor license to sponsor an event, tournament or contest and award prizes.
1684 54-49 Size Limitations on Containers of Wine
Increases the maximum size limitation on wine containers sold in Pennsylvania from four liters to five liters. This will allow the sale of so-called "bag-in-the-box" wine.
1641 54-46 Limited Wineries
Permits electronic accounting, extends hours of operation for wineries, removes $10 limit on promotional items.
1628 54-45 Multiple Year Licensing
Amends the PLCB's regulations to establish multiple year (rather than annual) alcoholic beverage licenses in compliance with Act 30 of 1994.
1281 54-43 Amusement and Entertainment
1156 54-42 Fee Revisions
1071 54-41 Fee Revisions
1030 54-40 Sales by Distributors and Importing Distributors
0992 54-39 Denatured Ethyl Alcohol
0969 54-38 Malt Beverage Inventory & Sales Invoice Restrictions
0955 54-36 Licensee Records and Reports
0948 54-37 Club Financial Records
0893 54-34 Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedures
0864 54-35 Approval of a Transfer of License
0850 54-33 Listing Proposal Fee
0807 54-32 Wine Container Size Restrictions
0772 54-31 Credit Cards
0732 54-30 Brand Registration
0650 54-29 Military Procurement of Alcoholic Beverages
0468 54-28 Sales to Armed Forces Installations
0423 54-19 Miscellaneous Amendments
0406 54-27 Advertising Novelties
0405 54-26 Criminal History Record Checks, Change of Officers of Corps. and Clubs and Change in Corp. Stockholders
0404 54-22 Federal Government Proceedings Against Licenses
0380 54-18 Happy Hours
0374 54-23 Contests on Licensed Premises
0340 54-16 Advertising of Malt or Brewed Beverage Prices
0265 54-15 Subchap. F. Sale of Liquor to the Board and Controlling Interest in Distributor or Importing Distributor License
0233 54-14 Dispensing of Wine and Licensed Distilleries of Historical Significance
0209 54-13 Subchapter C - Amusement and Entertainment
0201 54-12 Information to be Furnished (Executors of Decedents' Estates)
0166 54-11 Lunch Food Items Permitted
0124 54-10 Beer Container Size Restrictions
0048 54-7 Promotion of Sale of Liquor by Vendors
0047 54-6 Agent's Order Books and Stock Merchandise Request Forms
0023 54-3 Issuance of Wholesale Liquor Purchase Permit