Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3382 4-100 Inspections and Fees
Changes the inspection cycle for certain factories and manufacturing facilities from annual to biennial and increases insignia of certification fees from $40 to $60.
3156 4-97 Local Earned Income Tax
Implements Chapter 5 of the Local Tax Enabling Act which was added by Act 32 of 2008.
3063 4-95 Industrial Housing and Components
Updates existing regulations to bring them into compliance with statutory amendments and current industry standards, codes and practices.
3014 4-96 Manufactured Housing Improvement Program
Establishes an instillation and construction standard for relocated manufactured homes installed in Pennsylvania.
2876 4-92 Film Tax Credit
Delineates actions necessary to comply with the Film Production Tax Credit requirements and the use and transfer of tax credits.
2776 4-91 Industrialized Housing
Clarifies the Department's and third parties' roles in monitoring the production of industrialized housing, eliminates redundant requirements, updates definitions,and addresses documentation to identify approved manufacturers.
2554 4-85 Industrial Housing and Components
Amends existing regulations to bring the energy efficiency requirements up to par with the PA Construction Code Act & reduces the number of inspections by the Department.
2540 4-86 Building Energy Conservation Standards
Deletes existing Chapter 147 of Title 12 Pa. Code since the enabling statute was repealed.
2521 4-84 Manufactured Housing
Establishes the fees for following inspections or monitoring services and makes a few minor housekeeping amendments
2507 4-82 Manufactured Housing Improvement Program
Implements the requirements of the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act
2504 4-80 Community Development Grant Program
Updates the Community Development Block Grant regulations as they relate to the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development Section 108 loan guarantee program
2282 4-72 Industrial Housing
Updates and clarifies existing regulations; adopts the international building code and increases fees charged by the Department
1976 4-68 Neighborhood Assistance Program
Changes the applicable fiscal year to 1997-98 for the special program priorities for the Neighborhood Assistance Program
1935 4-67 Commercial Motion Pictures Sales; Tax Exemption Certificate
Prescribes form REV-1220 to be used by producers of commercial motion pictures to file for tax exemptions
1929 4-65 Private Activity Bonds - Allocation
Updates the regulation to reflect the 1998 federal ceiling for the issuance of private activity bonds
1810 4-63 Site Development, Community Facilities, Site Recovery, Statistics & Information, Nursing Home Loan Agency, and Sunny Day
Rescinds obsolete regulations for which the authorizing statutes have been repealed or expired.
1796 4-61 Private Activity Bonds - Allocation
Amends the State ceiling for the allocation of private activity bonds.
1783 4-60 Neighborhood Assistance Program
Updates the Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program and Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Program priorities for 1996-97.
0526 4-18 Small Business Incubator Program
0511 4-6 Pa Minority Business Development Authority
0291 4-9 Chapter 77 - Test Procedures and Accuracy Certification for Breath Test Devices
0000 4-72 Industrial Housing
Updates and clarifies existing regulations; adopts the international building code and increases fees changed by the Department