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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3405 2-194 Milk Sanitation
Authorizes an additional raw milk butter permit to raw milk permit holders, implements Act 62 of 2021 relating to milk sell-by and best-by dates, clarifies existing provisions and removes outdated language.
3317 2-195 State Food Purchase Program Regulations
Increases the income threshold cap for the State Food Purchase Program from 150% of the poverty level established by the United States Department of Agriculture to 185%.
3210 2-191 Milk Sanitation
Brings Pennsylvania's regulations for raw milk cheese into alignment with the Food and Drug Administration's regulations.
3181 2-185 Vegetable Marketing and Research Program
Addresses producer charges for the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program and makes "housekeeping" updates to the existing regulations.
3180 2-190 Commercial Kennel Canine Health Regulations
Rescinds a provision relating to flooring which the Commonwealth Court has determined contradicts the express statutory provisions of the Dog Law and violates the legislative intent of the Dog Law.
3179 2-187 Weighmasters
Rescinds outdated and burdensome provisions related to weighmasters' certificates and certificates of quality for anthracite coal.
3050 2-179 Pesticides; Third Party Transactions
Allows the Department to collect and pass on an examination processing charge or cost levied by a third party.
3035 2-177 Pennsylvania Preferred Trademark Licensure Program
Establishes standards under which the Department will license qualified entities to use the "Pennsylvania Preferred" trademark to promote or market Pennsylvania-produced fluid milk.
3015 2-159 Preferential Assessment of Farmland and Forest Land under the Clean and Green Act
Implements the Clean and Green Act.
2962 2-174 Food Code; Food Employee Certification
Incorporates the model Food Code published by the U.S. Department of Health, Food and Drug Administration.
2793 2-149 Pesticides
Clarifies and updates existing regulations.
2785 2-170 Canine Health Board Standards for Commercial Kennels
Establishes standards for commercial kennel operations.
2777 2-160 Milk Sanitation
Updates milk sanitation regulations to reflect developments in food science and technology and align the regulations with federal regulatory standards.
2699 2-158 Standards for Seed Certification
Establishes seed certification standards.
2698 2-157 General Provisions for Seed Certification
Establishes seed certification standards.
2697 2-156 Seed Testing, Labeling and Standards
Establishes seed testing, labeling and standards criteria for seed producers and distributors.
2647 2-155 Odor Management Certification Program
Establishes training and certification criteria for odor management specialists.
2616 2-102 Amusement Rides and Attractions Erected Permanently or Temporarily at Carnivals, Fairs and Amusement Parks
Updates the regulations on amusement rides and attractions and conforms the regulations to national industry standards.
2592 2-154 Deletion of Outdated Regulations
Deletes four unneeded chapters relating to Johne's disease, the certified apple program, fiscal aide for stem rust control and quarantine provisions.
2559 2-152 Dog Law Enforcement
Revises and upgrades standards and requirements for dog kennels.
2526 2-151 Shellfish
Updates procedures and requirements for processing, transportation, storage and sale of shellfish
2513 2-150 Commercial Manure Hauler and Broker Certification
Establishes training, examination and certification criteria for commercial manure haulers and manure brokers
2487 2-143 CHEMSWEEP Pesticide Disposal Program
Revises and expands the disposal program
2473 2-147 Nutrient Management Certification
Updates and revises the certification program
2431 2-146 Amendments to Lifetime Licensure
Amends the Department of Agriculture's regulations to comply with the Veterinary Medicine Practice Act and the regulations promulgated by the State Board of Veterinary Medicine.
2389 2-145 Food Employee Certification
Revises standards and procedures to approve certification training programs and to certify supervisory employees
2380 2-142 Sheep and Lamb Marketing Program; Wine Marketing and Research Program
Deletes the PA Sheep and Lamb Marketing Program and adds guidance provisions for the PA Wine Marketing and Research Program
2293 2-141 Milk Sanitation
Extends the "sell-by" date on containers of pasteurized milk by three days and exempts certain highly-processed pasteurized dairy products from the "sell-by" date requirements
2272 2-140 Aquaculture Development Plan
Establishes the framework for loan and marketing programs to be used to promote the development and expansion of aquaculture in Pennsylvania
2267 2-116 Application of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated with Agricultural Chemicals to Agricultural Lands
Sets forth the general rules to apply soil and groundwater contaminated with agricultural chemicals to agricultural land
2255 2-137 Food Code
Establishes a comprehensive food code for Pennsylvania
2248 2-138 Agricultural Area Security Program; Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program; Agricultural Security Area Program
Replaces outdated agricultural security area regulations and implements numerous amendments to the law
2241 2-135 Dog Licensure
Establishes procedures for the use of microchips as permanent identification for lifetime dog licenses and includes other amendments in compliance with the Dog Law
2210 2-134 Fees - Pesticide Control Act
Increases four annual fees for the pesticides control program
2141 2-133 Preferential Assessment of Farmland and Forest Land Under the Clean and Green Act
Implements Act 156 of 1998 that amended the Clean and Green Act, and promotes preservation of agricultural and forest lands
2130 2-132 Dog Shelters
Updates and clarifies standards for dog enclosures with wire flooring, makes use of rest boards optional, and requires use of rigid, vinyl-coated metal strand flooring
2091 2-123 Farm Safety and Occupational Health Tuition Assistance Program
Establishes criteria for a tuition assistance grant program for rural emergency service providers, farmers, members of farm families, farm laborers and others involved in agricultural production
2090 2-122 Farm Safety and Occupational Health Developmental and Instructional Program
Establishes the procedures governing the submission, processing and review of applications to the Farm Safety and Occupational Health Developmental and Instructional Program
2089 2-119 Farm Safety and Occupational Health Grant Program
Establishes the procedures governing the submission, processing and review of grant applications to the Farm Safety and Occupational Health Small Grants Program
2088 2-128 Importation and Intrastate Transportation of Animals; Brucellosis
Updates the department's policy on diagnostic testing techniques used to detect the presence of Equine Infections Anemia and the use of vaccines used for the prevention of brucellosis
2087 2-124 Agricultural Land Conservation Assistance Grant Program
Revisions to current regulations to clarify provisions based upon experience with current regulations
2086 2-117 Noxious Weeds
Adds two plants to the noxious weed control list and increases the number of loosestrife species on the list
2012 2-115 Sustainable Agriculture Programs
Establishes application process and review procedures for loans and grants under the Sustainable Agriculture Act, Act 129 of 1994
1990 2-111 Weights, Measures and Standards
Implements provisions of Act 155 of 1996, including a self-certification program for UPC/PLU, training and certification requirements for Certified Examiners of Weights and Measures and for UPC/PLU inspectors
1985 2-113 Nutrient Management Education Grant Program
Establishes the procedures for the Nutrient Management Grant Program
1868 2-97 Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program
Provisions to establish the Agricultural Conservation Easement purchase Program in regulation. Regulation is almost identical in most respects to interim guidelines used by the Department since 1995.
1858 2-107 Food Employe Certification
Establishes food safety certification requirements
1831 2-110 Peach and Nectarine Research Program
Adds a new subchapter for the Peach and Nectarine Research Program to clarify the procedures and responsibilities of the Program.
1759 2-106 Tuberculosis and Brucellosis Testing and Documentation Requirements for Cattle, Goats, and Bison
Deletes certain tuberculosis and brucellosis testing and documentation requirements for PA intrastate transfer of almost all cattle, goats and bison.
1756 2-108 Deletion of Grade AA Regulatory Standards for Milk
Deletes regulatory standards that allows milk to be designated as "Grade AA" in conformance with the requirements of the National Conference of Interstate Milk Shippers standards.
1735 2-100 Agricultural Land Conservation Assistance Grant Program
Implements Agricultural Land Conservation Assistance Grant Program.
1734 2-95 Noxious Weeds
Deletes Chichorium Intybus from the Noxious Weed Control list and adds Lythrum Salicara to the list.
1685 2-101 Milk Sanitation
Extends the "sell-by" date posted on containers of pasteurized milk by two days.
1660 2-93 Nutrient Management Certification Program
Establishes certification program for nutrient management specialists as required by the Nutrient Management Act.
1657 2-91 Pseudorabies Disease
These amendments authorize the Department of Agriculture to order the destruction of swine animals which cannot be cured of pseudorabies disease and change certain other provisions as well.
1655 2-99 Enforcement of Marketing Programs; Potato Research Program
Sets forth the responsibilities of producers and sale agents in verifying that the appropriate assessment fees are collected for the Pennsylvania Potato Research Program.
1654 2-92 Conditions and Requirements under which Domestic Animals May be Offered as Prizes
Establishes conditions under which an agricultural, educational or vocational program may conduct a game of chance at which a domestic animal may be offered or given away as a prize.
1647 2-96 Enforcement of Marketing Programs; Sheep and Lamb Marketing Program
Specifies collection process for 25 cents-per -head producer charge while simultaneously minimizing paperwork requirements for sheep and lamb producers and sales agents.
1582 2-90 General Provisions; Kennels; Licensure; Dog-Caused Damages
Brings kennel licensure rules into greater conformity with the rules of the US Department of Agriculture in provisions related to housing, health, sanitation and space.
1564 2-88 Pesticides
Adds certification requirements for persons applying pesticides to schools & swimming pools. Establishes a hypersensitivity registry with mandatory notice given 12 to 72 hrs prior to pesticide application to registered individuals within 500 feet.
1521 2-86 State Food Purchase Program
Establishes the procedures for the state food purchase program
1476 2-87 Agricultural Liming Materials
Amends and updates regulation governing labeling and content requirements for agricultural liming materials sold.
1434 2-85 Enforcement of Marketing Programs, Vegetable Marketing and Research Program
Establishes rules for the Vegetable Marketing Program
1433 2-80 Apple Marketing Program
1428 2-82 Safety Standards for Bungee Jumping
1409 2-81 Egg Refrigeration Requirements
Establish rules for eggs to be kept at certain temperatures during certain stages of processing to inhibit the growth of salmonella bacteria
1403 2-84 "Chemsweep" Pesticide Disposal Program
1402 2-83 Sheep and Lamb Marketing Program
1363 2-79 Prenuclear Seed Potato Certification
1297 2-77 Frozen Desserts Standards
1250 2-75 Seed Certification Tag Fees
1159 2-73 Pesticide Registration Fee
1143 2-72 Milk Sanitation Standards
1108 2-68 Swine Health
1105 2-69 Dangerous Dogs
1007 2-67 Quarantine No. 31 - Gypsy Moth
0959 2-66 Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements
0943 2-65 Poultry Haulers & Dealers
0939 2-63 On-Farm Produced Denatured Ethyl Alcohol
0930 2-57 Livestock Transportation and Health Certificate
0924 2-64 Poisons
0907 2-60 Flood Relief Grant Administration
0875 2-46 Liquid Measuring Devices and Moisture Meters
0856 2-58 Pesticides
0855 2-52 Seed Certification
0854 2-44 Changes to Preferential Assessment of Farmland & Forest Land
0847 2-59 Lowfat Sour Cream
0843 2-56 Packaging and Labeling
0842 2-55 Frozen Desserts standards
0841 2-51 Noxious Weed Control List
0686 2-53 Pa. Agricultural Fair Program
0616 2-48 Rabies Prevention and Control
0591 2-49 Milk Sanitation Standards
0575 2-47 Amusement Rides and Attractions
0522 2-11 Drug Testing of participants
0474 2-39 Schedule of Charges, Noxious Weed Seed and Changes in Other Labeling Requirements
0459 2-38 Family Farm Development Program
0431 2-33 Chap. 57 - Milk & Dairy Products; Definitions & standards Chap. 59 - Milk Sanitation & Stnds.
0381 2-36 Amusement Rides and Attractions
0316 2-35 Pennsylvania Fair Fund Capital Improvement Matching Grants
0312 2-25 Title 7 - Agriculture Part II - Dog Law Enforcement Bureau Chapter 21 - General Provisions; kennel Licensure, Dog Caused Damages
0309 2-24 Manufactured Grade Milk Standards
0296 2-54 Horseman's Bookkeeper Account
0204 2-28 Restricted Noxious Weed List & Other Seed Testing & Labeling Requirements
0156 2-29 Frozen Desserts Standards
0056 2-23 Cattle Importation Regulations