Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3357 16A-6322 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Updates the Board’s existing child abuse reporting regulations to be consistent with amendments to the Child Protective Services Law.
3284 16A-6326 Licensure by Endorsement
Implements the licensure by endorsement requirements set forth by Act 41 of 2019.
2964 16A-6318 Code of Ethics
Updates and simplifies the code of ethics; addresses compliance with the American Psychological Association's standards and guidelines; and revises record keeping requirements.
2763 16A-6315 Qualifications
Updates the examination, education and experience requirements for licensed psychologists.
2464 16A-6316 Biennial Renewal Fee Increase
Raises the biennial renewal fee
2422 16A-6313 Education Requirements
Requires applicants to graduate from schools that are accredited by the APA, CPA (Canadian Psychological Association) or designated by ASPPB/National Register
2378 16A-6314 Notice Requirements
Requires licensees to notify the Board of felony or misdemeanor pleas or convictions and any disciplinary action taken by another jurisdiction
2232 16A-6310 Computerized Examinations
Revises examination and reexamination requirements
2215 16A-639 Continuing Education--Ethics
Clarifies continuing education credit requirements
2189 16A-6311 Examination Fees
Deletes references to examination fees
2029 16A-636 Application Fees
Amends fees related to examinations, verification of licenses, and registration of fictitious and corporate names
2015 16A-635 Examination Fees
Increases licensure examination fees by $55
1939 16A-634 Repeals and Editorial Changes
Repeals obsolete provisions relating to master's degree candidates and updates the names of two accrediting bodies
1931 16A-633 Sexual Intimacies
Establishes standards that prohibit sexual intimacies between a licensed psychologist and a client or a client's relative
1747 16A-632 Continuing Education
Amends the continuing education requirement for licensed psychologist.
1677 16A-630 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes requirements for reporting suspected child abuse.
1667 16A-631 Examination Fees
Increases fees charged to applicants to take the national and state psychologist examinations, subject to licensure by the State Board of Psychology.
1508 16A-368 Fees
1341 16A-323 Fees
1254 16A-298 Qualifications for Taking License Examinations
1185B 16A-283B Professional Records
1185A 16A-283A General Revisions
1169 16A-288 Reactivation of Licensure
0973 16A-247 Examination Fees and Procedures
0961 16A-222 General Revisions
0888 16A-227 Fees
0636 16A-169 Amended Fee Schedule
0465 16A-146 Examination Application; Master's Degree Candidates; Prior Law of the Psychology Board
0413 16A-118 Ethics Code
0298 16A-122 Initial Application Examination and License Fee; Reexamination Fee
0126 16A-98 Professional Association and Corporations
0038 16A-90 Initial Examination and Licensure Fees