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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3394 16A-6522 Early Exam and CE for Clinical Instruction
Addresses the timeframe within which physical therapist (PT) students and physical therapist assistant (PTA) students may sit for the requisite examinations, authorizes continuing education credit for PTs and PTAs who provide clinical instruction, and amends the Board’s role in the registration process for national examinations.
3285 16A-6518 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Updates existing regulations on child abuse reporting to be consistent with amendments to the Child Protective Services Law.
3148 16A-6517 Post-Act 38 Revisions
Updates and clarifies existing regulations.
3084 16A-6515 Continuing Education Enforcement
Addresses the failure to complete the required amount of continuing education.
2910 16A-6514 Act 38 of 2008 Amendments
Adds provisions relating to continuing education, professional liability insurance and supervision of physical therapist assistants.
2786 16A-6513 Continuing Education Providers
Amends provisions relating to approval of continuing education courses and sponsors of continuing education.
2679 16A-6512 Deletion of Athletic Trainer Regulations
Deletes the Board's existing athletic trainer regulations
2566 16A-6511 Biennial Renewal Fees
Increases the biennial renewal fees for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and holders of certificates to practice physical therapy without a referral.
2369 16A-6510 Certificate of Authorization
Implements Act 6 of 2002 to allow physical therapists to practice physical therapy without a referral from a physician in certain circumstances
2327 16A-659 General Provisions
Makes general revisions to current regulations in the areas of: education, endorsement, scope of practice, functions of support personnel, discipline and various editorial changes
2191 16A-658 Examination Fees
Deletes references to exam fees because the fees are set by a professional testing organization
2176 16A-656 Sexual Misconduct
Establishes prohibitions against enumerated sexual misconduct committed by licensees and certificate holders in the context of the professional relationship with a patient
2108 16A-657 Fees
Increases fees for the Physical Therapist Examination and the Physical Therapy Assistant Examination, due to a new contract with the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
2017 16A-655 Fees
Revises and sets forth fee schedules for licensure application, licensure verification, examination score certification and other procedures for physical therapists, athletic trainers and physical therapist assistants
1771 16A-654 Examination Fees
Increase the testing fee for candidates taking the physical therapist examination from $245 to $260 effective March 1997.
1724 16A-653 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes reporting requirements for licensees in cases of suspected child abuse as mandated by the Child Protective Services Law.
1670 16A-652 Examination Fees
Increase testing fees for applicants taking the physical therapist and physical therapist assistant exams.
1636 16A-377 Athletic Trainers; Class A & B Certification
Amends the certification and scope of service requirements for athletic trainers.
1618 16A-375 Physical Therapists
Updates provisions in regard to the licensing of foreign-trained physical therapists
1617 16A-651 Fees
Increases fees for licensure for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants from $128.75 to $213.75 effective on March 1, 1995
1424 16A-346 Fees
1115 16A-179 Functions of Supportive Personnel Supervision by Physical Therapists
1027 16A-257 Class A Certification
0980 16A-250 Fees
0751 16A-196 Schedule of Fees
0550 16A-160 Applicants Registration Without Examination as Physical Therapist
0534 16A-142 Athletic Trainer Regulations; General Provisions
0287 16A-117 General Provisions; Licensure; Temporary Licenses; Physical Therapist Assistant and Physical Therapy Aide; Scope of Practice