Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3369 16A-5215 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Updates existing child abuse reporting regulations to be consistent with amendments to the Child Protective Services Law.
3314 16A-5218 License by Endorsement
Provides for licensure by endorsement for applicants from other states, territories and countries consistent with Act 41 of 2019.
3223 16A-5213 General Revisions
Defines "contact lens" and amends continuing education and reciprocity regulations.
2354 16A-5211 Continuing Education, Fees, Certification to Treat Glaucoma
Establishes the application procedure for certification to treat glaucoma, approves continuing education courses offered by certain providers and clarifies continuing education requirements.
2324 16A-529 Continuing Education
Updates continuing education requirements and conforms with Act 130 of 1996 and recent judicial decisions
2323 16A-528 General Revisions
General update of optometry regulations to comply with Act 130 of 1996
2271 16A-5210 Therapeutic Certification
Deletes a section pertaining to certification and amends another section to cite the statutory requirement based on a Commonwealth Court decision
2032 16A-527 Application Fees
Adds an application for continuing education approval and revises several licensure fees
1879 16A-525 Therapeutic Drugs
Implements portions of Act 130 of 1996, establishes education and examination requirements for certification of optometrists to administer therapeutic drugs
1852 16A-526 Volunteer License
Implements Act 141 of 1996 by establishing procedures and requirements for issuing volunteer licenses which allow practitioners to work as volunteers in community-based clinics.
1823 16A-524 Fees
Establishes a $25 application fee for certification of an optometrist to prescribe and administer pharmaceutical agents.
1722 16A-523 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes reporting requirements for licensees in cases of suspected child abuse as mandated by the Child Protective Services Law.
1165 16A-289 Administrative Revisions
0901 16A-195 General Provisions and License by Examination
0724 16A-185 Establishment of Fee Schedule
0721 16A-173 Business Pract., Office of Optometry., Unlawful Practive, Records
0085 16A-95 Accreditation of Optometry Schools