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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3381 16A-5146 Opioid Prescription and Education and Organ Donation Education
Updates certified registered nurse practitioner (CRNP) continuing education to add requirements for pain management, identification of addiction, and prescribing/dispensing of opioids, updates current CRNP prescription requirements for controlled substances, and updates continuing education requirements for registered nurses (RNs), RN Volunteer Licensees, and Clinical Nurse Specialists to add organ/tissue donation and recovery process education.
3362 16A-5143 Licensure by Endorsement and Reactivation
Amends existing regulations to address requirements for reactivation of a license and adds provisions relating to licensure by endorsement, provisional endorsement license, and licensure by endorsement fee.
3288 16A-5140 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Updates existing regulations to be consistent with amendments to the Child Protective Services Law.
3222 16A-5142 Fees; General Provisions
Increases application fees and biennial renewal fees and adds additional fees for licensees and adds new and increased fees relating to approval of nursing education programs.
3080 16A-5125 General Revisions
Amends provisions relating to examination and licensure of registered nurses, practical nurses and dietician-nutritionists.
3046 16A-5126 Continuing Education; Reporting of Crimes and Discipline
Amends continuing education regulations and requires licensees to report criminal and disciplinary actions/sanctions.
2840 16A-5122 IV Therapy Functions for Licensed Practical Nurses
Establishes the requirements for licensed practical nurses to perform nursing functions involving intravenous access devices.
2809 16A-5136 Biennial Renewal Fees
Increases biennial renewal fees for licensed practical nurses, professional nurses, certified registered nurse practitioners and licensed dietitian nutritionists.
2729 16A-5124 Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners; General Provisions
updates existing regulations to reflect statutory revisions affecting the practice of certified registered nurse practitioners
2700 16A-5133 Clinical Nurse Specialists
Sets forth requirements for the certification and renewal of certification for clinical nurse specialists.
2664 16A-5123 Nursing Education Programs Examination Pass Rates
Increases examination pass rate required for nursing schools to 80% of their graduates in three years
2631 16A-5131 Faculty Requirements for Nursing Education Programs
Amends existing regulations to provide flexibility in staffing education programs to expand educational opportunities and enrollment
2608 16A-5130 Continuing Education for Professional Nurses
Implements standards and requirements for 30 hours of continuing education as established by Act 58 of 2006
2595 16A-5128 Continuing Education Fee for Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners
Adds a fee necessary to cover the costs associated with the approval of a CRNP continuing education course that is not on the preapproved list.
2495 16A-5127 Fees for Approval of Nursing Education Programs
Increases fees to cover the Board's costs in evaluating and approving applications for nursing education programs
2457 16A-5120 Dietitian-Nutritionists
Implements Act 99 of 2002 relating to licensing of dietician and nutritionists
2426 16A-5119 Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner Program Approval
Sets forth requirements and standards for approval of certified registered nurse practitioner programs
2425 16A-5121 Temporary Practice Permits
Establishes standards and procedures for granting temporary practice permits to qualified nurses who are licensed by another state or country
2383 16A-5118 Approval of Diploma Programs in Transition to Degree-Granting Status
Establishes process for a Board-approved hospital-based diploma nursing program to become an associate or baccalaureate degree nursing education program.
2353 16A-5116 CRNP Prescriptive Authority Fees
Implements application and renewal fees for CRNPs who wish to prescribe and dispense drugs
2314 16A-5117 Continuing Education
Establishes continuing education requirements for certified registered nurse practitioners
2231 16A-5115 Oral Orders
Allows LPN's to accept oral orders in accordance with the policy of the facility
2171 16A-516 General Revisions of the Professional Nursing Provisions
Updates standards for the operation and approval of nursing education programs for registered professional nurses
2110 16A-5113 Biennial Renewal Fees
Rulemaking increases the biennial renewal of license fee for Registered Nurses and Practical Nurses, and the biennial renewal of certification fee for Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners
2031 16A-5112 Fees
Revised 13 existing fees and added eight new fees
1952 16A-5110 Sexual Misconduct
Establishes what will be considered sexual misconduct for nurses
1857 16A-514 Nursing Functions
Establishes standards for oral orders in the administration of medication and deletes unnecessary and burdensome requirements in the Board's regulations
1854 16A-517 Volunteer License
Implements Act 141 of 1996 by establishing procedures and requirements for issuing volunteer licenses which allow practitioners to work as volunteers in community-based clinics.
1775 16A-512 Endorsement of Foreign Trained Nurses
Updates procedures for licensing foreign trained nurses to practice in Pennsylvania.
1718 16A-515 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes requirements for reporting suspected child abuse.
1597 16A-511 Student Health Programs
Amends the existing rules by providing nursing programs with greater flexibility in establishing student health policies. Amends requirements pertaining to health programs for both registered and practical nursing students.
1592 16A-372 Delegation
Provides for the delegation of selected functions to licensed practical nurses or unlicensed assistants by registered nurses.
1491 16A-363 Examination Fees
Establishes the Computer Adaptive Examination as the licensure examination for nurses
1347 16A-325 Continued Competency
1307 16A-301 Standards of Nursing Conduct
1269 16A-303 Biennial Renewal Fee Increase
Increases the biennial renewal fee for every licensee of the State Board of Nursing by $6.00.
1124 16A-270 Fees
1123 16A-273 Deletion of Chest X-Ray Requirements
1122 16A-272 Professional Association Corporate Filings
1046 16A-263 Applications for Licensure
0975 16A-246 Applications for Licensure
0813 16A-155 Functions of the Licensed Practical Nurse
0641 16A-175 Nursing Board Fees
0487 16A-144 Statements of Policy