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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3378 16A-4335 Fees
Sets forth graduated fee schedules for application fees and biennial registration fees.
3360 16A-4322 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Updates the Board's existing child abuse reporting regulations to be consistent with amendments to the Child Protective Services Laws.
3197 16A-4312 Chiropractic Specialties
Amends existing regulations relating to advertisement.
3106 16A-4324 Radiological Procedures Examination
Requires auxiliary personnel seeking to sit for a radiological procedures examination to apply and pay the fee directly to the testing service.
3068 16A-4323 Distance Education
Limits a licensee to meeting no more than 50 percent of the continuing education requirement through distance education.
2907 16A-4320 Licensure by Reciprocity
Amends existing regulations relating to licensure by reciprocity.
2832 16A-4316 Assistance of Unlicensed Supportive Personnel
Identifies activities and duties that unlicensed supportive personnel may perform under the supervision of a licensed chiropractor.
2826 16A-4315 Review of Chiropractic Treatment
Sets forth standards for a licensed chiropractor to follow in conducting independent chiropractic examinations or chiropractic peer reviews.
2792 16A-4318 Continuing Education Violations
Allows a licensee who has not completed the required amount of continuing education to renew subject to being issued a citation and making up the credits within six months.
2746 16A-4317 Needle Acupuncture
amends existing regulations to remove the prohibition against advertising or practicing needle acupuncture for licensees who are registered to do so by the State Board of Medicine or State Board of Osteopathic Medicine
2626 16A-4314 Reactivation of Lapsed License
amends current regulations with regard to reactivation of a license that has been inactive for at least 5 years by making the process more simple, while still assuring that the licensee is competent to practice.
2568 16A-4313 Patient Records
Amendment to establish the information required to document clinical necessity.
2016 16A-4310 Radiologic Procedures Examination Fees
Decreases the examination fee for the radiologic procedures examination from $75 to $58
1864 16A-439 Volunteer License
Implements Act 141 of 1996 by establishing procedures and requirements for issuing volunteer licenses which allow practitioners to work as volunteers in community-based clinics.
1821 16A-438 Examination and Business Provisions
Amends the Board's examination and business provisions at 49 Pa. Code Sections 5.6, 5.12, 5.15, 5.16, and 5.32.
1784 16A-437 Examination Fees
Increases the fee for the radiologic procedures examination from $55 to $75.
1719 16A-436 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes requirements for reporting suspected child abuse.
1697 16A-435 Examination Fees
Establishes a new exam entitled the PA Chiropractic Law Exam and establishes an $87 fee for the exam.
1596 16A-431 Biennial Renewal Fee Increase
Increases the biennial license renewal fee for chiropractors from $130 to $210.
1302 16A-314 Radiological Procedures Examination Fees
1017 16A-255 Biennial Renewal Fee Increase
0935 16A-210 Licensure, Registration and Practice of Chiropractic
0723 16A-184 Schedule of Fees
0601 16A-167 Performance of Radiologic Procedures by Auxiliary Personnel
0288 16A-119 Examination Fees