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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3406 16A-7029 Distance Education and PAREA
Implements the distance education and virtual supervision requirements of Act 100 of 2021 and brings the regulations into compliance with federal standards relating to distance education for qualifying education and continuing education, as well as virtual supervision under PAREA.
3393 16A-7031 Federally Mandated Revisions
Requires certified real estate appraisers to complete continuing education on valuation bias and fair housing laws and regulations as a condition of certification or license renewal and amends appraisal management company (AMC) regulations to prohibit an individual from being an owner of key person of an AMC if their license has been denied, canceled, suspended or revoked, or if they voluntarily surrendered their license for a substantive cause.
3267 16A-7023 Appraisal Management Companies - Federally Mandated Revisions
Revises the definitions of "appraiser panel" and "owner" to be consistent with Federal law and regulations.
3205 16A-7022 Federally-Mandated Revisions
Revises and clarifies general, residential and licensed trainee appraiser requirements.
3113 16A-7021 Appraisal Management Companies
Governs the registration of appraisal management companies as required by the "Appraisal Management Company Registration Act."
3025 16A-7020 Biennial License Fee for Licensed Appraiser Trainees
Establishes a biennial license renewal fee of $150 for licensed appraiser trainees.
2967 16A-7019 Implementation of Sections 36.11 and 36.12
Extends the deadline to apply for certification as a general or residential real estate appraiser.
2789 16A-7015 Appraiser Trainees; Initial and Continuing Education; Supervised Experience; Practice Standards
Establishes requirements for licensure of appraiser trainees; revises initial and continuing education and supervised experience requirements for appraisers and evaluators; and revises appraiser practice standards.
2537 16A-7014 Federally Mandated Education Criteria
General revisions including updates to comply with Federal requirements, updates to education requirements and changes to improve clarity of the regulation.
2341 16A-7012 Continuing Education for Appraisers and Broker/Appraisers
Amends continuing education requirements for appraisers related to Act 103 of 2000
2298 16A-7013 Biennial Renewal Fees and Examination Fees
Raises biennial renewal fees for certified real estate appraisers and PA evaluators, establishes a biennial renewal fee for brokers/appraisers and deletes certain examination fees
2153 16A-7011 Fees for Board Services
Increases six fees and adds a new fee for the application for continuing education provider approval
2074 16A-7010 Qualifications for Certification
Increases experience and education requirements for certification as a residential appraiser and general appraiser
1998 16A-708 Continuing Education
Increases continuing education requirements for certified general and residential appraisers and certified Pennsylvania evaluators
1943 16A-707 Broker/Appraiser Fees
Establishes new application and initial certification fees for real estate brokers /appraisers
1770 16A-705 Examination Fees
Increases the fee for applicants taking the certified real estate appraiser examination from $50 to $100.
1702 16A-704 General Provisions/Standards of Professional Conduct
Adds new standards of professional conduct for Certified Pennsylvania Evaluators who assess the value of real property in Pennsylvania for ad valorem taxation purposes
1676 16A-702 Definitions
Adds definitions and a "Scope of Practice" section to clarify limitations of Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator authority.
1673 16A-703 Fees; Application Process
This regulation revises the application process and increases the fee to file a new application for certification.
1590 16A-381 Disciplinary Process and Procedures-Certified Real Estate Appraisers & Certified Pennsylvania Evaluators
Amends the disciplinary procedures by separating the prosecutorial and adjudicative functions.
1547 16A-376 General Provisions
Amendments to clarify the application process including remedying a defective application and specifying that current education requirements apply at time of certification. Amendments also delete the $35 reapplication fee as no longer applicable.
1542 16A-369 Qualifications for Certification
Requires at least 50% of the 2000 hair appraisal experience be spent in the actual preparation of real estate appraisal reports that must include a physical inspection of the interior and exterior
1479 16A-357 Certified Pennsylvania Evaluators
Establishes rules governing Certified PA Evaluators (assessors)
1478 16A-354 Qualifications for Certification
Reduces classroom hours requirement from 165 to 120 for residential real estates appraiser licensure applicants.
1452 16A-353 Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
Advises appraisers that the federal standards of professional practice (USPAP) will be amended from time to time and how they can obtain copies of the USPAP amendments.
1420 16A-310 Experience Options
1415 16A-344 Fees
Establishes a reciprocity certification fee of $25 and temporary practice registration fee of $25 for certified real estate appraisers
1412 16A-338 Reactivation of Certification
Establishes the procedures whereby appraisers and evaluators who have allowed their certification to lapse may apply for reactivation of certification
1411 16A-335 General Revisions
1358 16A-331 Fees
1303 16A-310 Experience Options
1283 16A-305 General Provisions
1155 16A-280 Biennial Renewal Fees
1131 16A-281 Fees