Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3344 16A-6412 Licensure by Endorsement
Provides for licensure by endorsement for applicants from other states, territories and countries.
3337 16A-6411 Fees
Increases application fees to reflect updated costs of processing applications and increases all the Board's biennial renewal fees to ensure its revenue meets or exceeds the Board's current and projected costs.
2982 16A-649 Schedule of Fees
Increases biennial renewal fees for auctioneers, apprentice auctioneers, and auction houses and companies.
2522 16A-646 Corrective Amendment to Schedule of Fees
Corrects the official text of the Board's regulations pertaining to schedule of fees
2361 16A-647 Examination Fees
Replaces the Board's examination fee for Auctioneer Licenses with direct payment to the professional testing organization designated by the Board
2109 16A-644 Application Fees
Establishes six new fees for services or actions by the Board
1934 16A-642 Biennial Renewal Fees
Increases the biennial renewal fees for apprentice auctioneers, auctioneers, auction companies and auction houses
1690 16A-643 Examination Fees
Fee increase for licensure examination
1586 16A-642 Disciplinary Process and Procedures
Amends the disciplinary procedure rules to separate prosecutorial and adjudicative functions.
0990 16A-252 Examination Fee Increases
0835 16A-209 Auction House and Auction Company Fees
0831 16A-187 Board Meetings, Applications, Examiners Sponsorship and Educational Requirements